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“Muscle is the new skinny!”

4 Aug

After reading Katie’s post about how much muscle she has gained, I am proud to say that just this summer Whit and I have both gained 5 lbs. in muscle! I think by changing up our weight lifting, cardio, eating more, and getting lots of protein has helped 🙂 My muscles have never looked so defined. My pants are a little tighter, but that is because I am starting to get my womanly figure. I have always been so stick skinny and now I have got some hips. lol 🙂

Last night’s dinner:

Tofurky Sausage on wheat bun with 1/2 sweet tater(drizzled fage and naturally more pb)


This morning’s breakfast:
Chocolate Amazing Meal Overnight Oats again. I cannot get enough of these oats! This time I used raspberry yogurt!

 Top it all off with banana, kashi, and Justin’s and you are good to go 😉
Today was our rest day, but we got plenty of exercise grocery shopping for our momma! We hunted down all of the best deals. Our mom always gives us a limit of $150 to buy groceries for the family, but guess what we only spent $120. I know my mom would be proud! For those of you that asked where that we found the new laughing cow. They are at Safeway. When we got home we fixed up some a “kiddie inspired lunch”!
PB+Fluff on Apple Cinnamon bread, apples, and chewy. 

It does not get any better than this 🙂


 After reading parade I this morning I was surprised by this article
I copied this right from the article:

In a perfect world, you’d eat healthily all the time, but let’s get real.

The good news: Consuming certain nutritious foods with harmful foods can help minimize the damage.


You splurged on: Hot Dog + Food Rx: Sauerkraut = Why it works:
Hot dogs are packed with nitrates, which have been linked to cancer, but topping your dog off with some kraut can help prevent damage. Sauerkraut is high in a powerful compound that may stop the nitrates from converting into carcinogens.

8 Outdated Food Facts – Exposed!

 + You splurged on: High-Fat Meal + Food Rx: Grapes = Why it works:
Chowing down on a high-fat meal floods your system with triglycerides and slows circulation. Consuming 1 cups of antioxidant-rich grapes with your meal prevents some of the negative effects.

You splurged on: Salty Foods + Food Rx: Chocolate = Why it works:
Just indulged in a salty meal? A few squares of dark chocolate can lower your blood pressure in as little as two hours. Have 2 ounces of chocolate made of at least 60% cocoa for dessert.


You splurged on: Pizza + Food Rx: Rosemary = Why it works:
When pizza (or any high-carb food) is heated past 250˚, it creates harmful chemicals that scientists have linked to an increased risk of cancer and heart disease. Antioxidants in one tablespoon of fresh rosemary added to the dough can slash the chemicals by 60%.

5 Food Swaps for Weight Loss


You splurged on: Red Meat + Food Rx: Red Wine = Why it works:
Drinking a glass of red wine with your steak can cut down on your body’s absorption of toxins that can lead to heart disease. But don’t overindulge: Seven ounces is all you need to benefit.


You splurged on: Grilled Chicken + Food Rx: Coleslaw = Why it works:
Grilled meats-—pork, beef, and chicken—have been linked to an increased cancer risk. Cruciferous vegetables, like the cabbage in slaw, contain a compound that helps clear the carcinogens from your body.
6 Steps to Boosting Your Metabolism  


You splurged on: Fast Food + Food Rx: Cherries = Why it works:
Eating a fast-food meal can unleash a torrent of free radicals that damage  cells. A dessert of cherries, blueberries, grapes, or kiwis will speed antioxidants into your system to fight the damage.


You splurged on: Bagel + Food Rx: Vinegar = Why it works:
Vinegar can prevent the spikes in blood sugar caused by a carb-heavy meal. A spoonful on your salad will slow digestion and help prevent the peaks and valleys in glucose that can fuel overeating.

I never knew that all of these foods could have such harmful effects on your body, but it is nice to know that you can minimize the effect 🙂

Well I am off to get started on some stuffed turkey burgers for dinner!

QOD: Do you like stuffed burgers, if so what kind?





Productive and still got sleep!

20 Apr


So today has been a superb day 🙂 It was an “A” day, so after we got out of school at 10:45 AM, we headed down to our gym fitness 19. I love this gym, and we pay a low price of $10 per month! The weather was kinda weird today, just like any other day in Colorado I guess, lol. One minute it was so sunny, then everyone in class looked out the Window and this kid was all “Look outside guys, we’re in a freakin cloud.” Lol, it was so foggy that you could no longer see any of the houses or light post across the street. It was awesome looking 😉 This morning’s breakfast was one of our favorite bagels (DUTCH APPLE!!!) with an egg white spinach tofu scramble, and a baby size glass of skim milk.

 My god, Court and I were in a Bagel Coma  XO.  This one is the best, because it is a lot softer than other bagels, and has delicious soft cinnamon dutch apple chunks on top! And the toppings were Honey Nut Cream cheese on one side, and Skippy All natural Chunky PB with Pumpkin Butter on the other.

 For a pre-workout snack, during second period in US History(our only class together) we each tried out one of these Macadamia & Apricot Kind bars that were on sale last week at sprouts. This bar was really good, I think we’re going to have to buy some macadamia nuts this week for good creations like cookies, oats, and bars, because they are just too good! ❤


While at the Gym we did:

30 min of the treadmill

  •  Min 0-5 Speed 5 Incline 2
  • Min 5-7 Speed 6 Incline 2
  • Min 7-8 Speed 8 Incline 2
  • Min 8-10 Speed 4 Incline 2
  • Repeat for min 10-20
  • Min 20-25 Speed 5 Incline 2
  • Min 25-30 Speed 4 Incline 2

Floorwork/Abs/Weight lifting

 *That was our first time running in over a month, and we were drenched with sweat. Don’t you just love when you all of a sudden change up your ususal routine, and your body really feels it?*

When we got home, we showered up, put on some comfy clothes  and made this great tasting lunch.

On the Menu

-Green Monster-

  • 1 cup almond milk
  • 1 tsp chia
  • 1/2 tbs vanilla whey protein
  • 1/2 tbs PB
  • 1/2 frozen banana
  • 3 ice cubes
  • lots of spinach

-Pumpkin Banana PB Pita-

  • 1 small pita (140 cals)
  • 1/2 tbs PB
  • 1/2 mashed banana
  • 2 tbs pumpkin
  • cinnamon
  • drizzle of agave nectar

*Heat the pita in the microwave for 30 sec, then cut with a pizza cutter


This is a 100% Court and Whit original that you must try!  


 After lunch, I finished up an English Assignment, e-mailed it to my teacher, and took a cozy nap in my bed for about 3 hours. Boy was I tired ♥

After waking up, I got my Science HW done while court studies for AP Calc, and then I made an easy dinner for us while she packed our lunch for tomorrow. Things are just so much easier and save you a lot of time when there are TWO of you! lol.


  • 1 leftover Hamburger topped with Cheese, tomato, pickle, and onions
  • Roasted asparagus (Top w/ Cayenne, paprika, Red pepper flakes, EVOO, pop in the oven at 400 for 10 min)
  • Alexia Baked Fries


 All in all, this day has been very productive, and we got some extra sleep to catch up. I think naps just put me in the best mood. Well, I hope everyone has a great night!


XOXO Court & Whit♥