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It was a carb kinda day!

22 Jul

~THURSDAY July 22nd~

Hey guys ūüėõ

Even though Whit and I did not have work today we woke up early(what the heck!?!). I know, but we have a commitment, that is Ash, Whit and I. We bought Turbo Fire so that we could do it together. We are each others buddy system which means we have to schedule our workouts so that it works for all of us. Ash had to be to work early so we got up early. It is kind of nice having a group to work out with. It gives you motivation to push harder, they hold you accountable for your workouts, and you are more likely to work out. I love it! We completed the 15 HITT  and 30 sculpt class.

Breakfast was a very decadent bowl of oats!

In the mix:

  • 1/2 cup oats, 1 1/2 cup water
  • chia
  • flax
  • cinnamon
  • 1 tbs. sugar-free¬†Torani vanilla syrup

Top with:

  • 1 tbs. sugar-free¬†white choc. instant pudding(mix with 2 tbs. of water in bowl & pour over)
  • blackberries
  • mango slices
  • 1/2 banana nut vita top
  • spoonful white choc. wonderful pb


Lunch was a homemade pizza on a whole wheat alternative pita. We also had some fruit and green beans.


When we went grocery shopping with our mom today we got these. They are awesome! I already had 2 today. YUM ūüôā I do not know what it is about these cookies, but Alberton’s makes the best fresh-baked cookies. Everytime we get them they are always so soft and perfect. And they are even better if you heat them up in the microwave.


Dinner tonight was something that I came up with one day and have been thinking about for weeks! You remember the Al Fresco Chicken Sausage that we tried¬†for the first time a¬†few weeks back. Well¬†I came up with so many things you could¬†use it for. And so I present you to…¬†
Chicken Sausage Gnocchi


We started by boiling a big pot of water. Then we threw in the gnocchi for 3-4 min. We had two different kinds so we just mixed the two together.

Then we drained the gnocchi into a colander. Next we took out a skillet and sautéed some onions, spinach, cherry tomatoes, garlic, and evoo. Then we threw in the diced chicken sausage, and poured this Cheesy Ragu sauce on top!

Then top it with a little salt and pepper…

Mix it all together… and voila dinner is served!

Something that compliments this meal well is Texas Toast.

And you can never forget your greens!

This was probably the most easiest, gourmet meal to prepare. Your welcome! ūüėČ

I swear strawberry salads are the best kind there are in the Summer.

I ate this last… so that I could pick up all of the leftover sauce on my plate. lol

 It has been a carb kind of a day but whatever it was just one of those kind of days.

QOD: Who is somebody that you admire or aspire to be?


I admire Giuliana Rancic! She is so beautiful, talented, and she has got my dream job! 

She works¬†for E! News¬†as a reporter. Whit and I were news anchor/reporters for our school news called¬†“The Real Deal” for three years in¬†junior high. It was a blast! I loved coming up¬†fun stories to talk about and interviewing¬†everyone.¬†I¬†would love to be an RD, but¬†ultimately this would be my dream job ūüôā¬†

¬†She is also married to Bill Rancic, who is from season one of the Apprentice. They have this beautiful house in California…

and this one in Chicago. How awesome would it be to live in two states!?!

Well anywho she also has a blog called FabFitFun! She gives some awesome advice in beauty, fashion and fitness. Well I am off to watch some more old school 90210.

‚̧ Court

What has fitness done for you?

20 Jul

“You know that high you get after working out…. fitness is your drug and we are here to support you in your new addiction”

Wow! The Turbo Fire workouts have been so amazing lately… that it has driven us to think about possibly cancelling our gym membership. It is not that great of a gym in all honesty. Fitness 19 is cheap. You get what you pay for. It has the bare minimum it takes to get a workout done, it is stuffy(that place needs a lot more ventilation), they never turn on the AC, it smells bad, is kind of dirty, ect. Over the past year our whole family has really gotten into fitness and we have sort of built up our own home gym. In our parent’s GIANT master bedroom there is a treadmill and elliptical and a nice tv up on the wall to watch. Then in the garage we have a bench press. Then we just got our whole basement finished and that area is cleared out with a tv also mounted to the wall for working out. The whole family does the variety of Beach Body workouts we own down there. Also we have swiss balls, different hand weights, resistance bands, Bowlflex¬†Select Tech Dumbells, chin up bar, ect. We have EVERYTHING you could possibly need to workout. Not to mention all of the wonderful trails around our neighborhood. When school starts there is going to be no time to drive to the gym. We are going to have to go to school, college classes a few nights a week, and work. I think¬†we have¬†put it to great use, but now our membership would just¬†be a waste of money. I know how to work out at home. This is going to save me a lot more time, and money. Plus¬†I can use the weights and things at home and well not have to deal with the stink eye¬†I get from older people at the gym(They always¬†do not believe Whit and I when we tell them we are 17). Now I can¬†just break a sweat in the comforts of my own home instead of some stinky gym. ūüôā¬†

Anywho what are your guys thoughts? Do you think we are making the right choice? Do you have a gym membership?

Oh and by the way if you are wondering where that quote is from, it is just one of the many inspirational quotes that Chalene Johnson says in Turbo Fire.


Well¬†we¬†took a few days off to get some¬†things(AP Psychology Summer HW, chores,¬†giving our rooms a facelift, ect.) done. Sometimes you just¬†need a little break to recuperate and unplug. Ya know¬†what I mean? We did not take a¬†picture of everything in¬†the past three days, but here are just some random eats ūüėõ¬†¬†

¬†**VERDICT: Do not ask me how but this is the only protein bar that I have EVER eaten that actually has the same texture and taste as Reese’s PB. I was in¬†PB heaven.¬†This actually was a dessert one night! It definitely¬†satisfied the sweet tooth. ¬†


¬†We were feeling a little fruity… which meant a GIANT yogurt mess! YUM yum. I was even feeling a little spontaneous and threw some Cap’ n’ Crunch in there.


I was browsing through¬†all of¬†Meg’s¬†wonderful¬†recipes and came across something I HAD to make Berry Patch Oats! Thanks girly ūüôā


Then what would a week be without Maple Coffee Oats! This time we even added a little bit of hot cocoa mix into it to make it chocolatey. This was probably the best combo yet for these oats.


A big¬†plate of greens was enjoyed on our new deck today. My dad hand-built¬†that by the way. Isn’t it beautiful! I love it. I have been outside so much now. All of us sistas talked out there for hours last night.

Here is closer pic. That is half a cheddar bratwurst in the salad btw. This salad ROCKED! 


¬†Honey wheat+ Italian Herb bagel = ūüėČ

 There is also some egg whites and pizza sauce of course. Weird, but incredibly good.


Today was our mom and dad’s 22nd anniversary so Whit and I made brownies. They were the boxed kind(I know what a disappointment) to say the least, but we still substituted the oil for egg whites and apple sauce. I can never say no to a warm brownie, so this was enjoyed with some fluff and caramel sauce swirled on top.

 And a vanilla steamer on the side. It was rainy and kind of chilly all day so this was the perfect time for a steamer.

 Who knew you could fool your parents by cutting the fat and cholesterol out of a treat they love so much?! lol.


And finally for tonight’s dinner, Whit and I enjoyed burger style wraps.

 For the sauce we combined:

  • 1 tsp. ketchup
  • 1 tsp. mustard
  • 1 tsp. franks hot sauce
  • 1 swiss laughing cow wedge

Then we just simply cooked up a Boca Brushetta¬†Burger Patty and diced up some pickle. SO SIMPLE! Try it ūüėČ

 A lot have you have been asking how we created our new header. Well we cannot take credit for that wonderful masterpiece. Wei Wei over at ;yum actually offered to create it for us. She is one talented little lady, and I am sure she would be happy to answer any questions you may have.


Before I go…

Our sister Ashley which you all have read about over and over again is our number one reader. She reads all of your lovely comments and¬†now she has a question for you. Have you had a fitness transformation/revelation? What made you¬†want to get healthy, and how have you done so? She¬†loves reading about¬†this stuff, it helps her as a coach! So if you have a story you¬†would like to share than don’t be shy ūüôā You can email her at amaughan1@yahoo.com


Cheesecake Oats, oh my…

14 Jul

Good Afternoon friends ūüôā

¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Every Wednesday is a rest Day for the TURBO FIRE plan, so today no workout for these chicka’s, just sleep and work. How nice, I love rest days. And as a bonus we were not closers today, so we got out of work at 2 0′ clock sharp!

The Breakfast combo was Blueberry Cheesecake overnight oats with a Raw Cashew Crust

**Note- If you have never tried any of our overnight combo’s, this one is a true WINNER! Totally epic. lol..

>Step 1: Make the Crust

  • Soak 2 tbs of Raw Cashew(or regular) in a bowl of water for about 4-5 hours until softened
  • Drain water
  • In a food processor blend the cashews with about 6 pitted dates and a drizzle of agave
  • Press the newly mixed “paste” into the bottom of your bowl
  • set aside while mixing oat mixture

 >Step 2: Make Oat mixture:

-Mix together

  • 1/2 cup oats
  • 1/4 cup plain greek yogurt
  • 1/2 cup plain non-fat yogurt
  • 2 tbs unsweetened almond milk
  • 1 pkt stevia/sweetener
  • 1/2 tbs of Jello Sugar-Free Cheesecake powder

>Step 3: Pour over crust

>Step 4: Top with frozen or fresh blue berries

>Step 5: refrigerate overnight


 Seriously it was so creamy and really tasted like cheesecake. A two thumbs up for this creation. Take a bite out of that! This morning we added chopped walnuts and a sprinkle of Kashi GoLean Crunch.

¬†Since we had work today, and really did not feel like packing anything, another snacky¬†lunch like the other day came to the rescue. Seriously this lunch never fails, lol. It is easy, fast, and satisfying. Theses new Cookie Dough Larabars¬†are the shizzz. Have you tried them yet? If you haven’t, they really taste like cookie dough, and now Court and I want to recreate them even better.

¬†With all this super HOT and humid weather today, a yogurt mess was in desperate NEED when we got off work. And I’m not even gonna lie, it was one of the best messes. The creative juices are flowing, and we know what is good today.¬†The ¬†combo included:

  • 1/2 cup plain yogurt
  • 1/2 heated banana nut VITATOP
  • 1/2 sliced banana
  • 1 tsp Walden’s Calorie Free Carmel sauce
  • 1 tsp almond butter
  • sprinkle of silvered almonds
  • sprinkle of galaxy granola

¬†The name UliMana… What comes to mind?¬†¬†

How about ~

Handmade, vegan, raw chocolate truffles, raw chocolate brownies, raw chocolate-dipped date rolls, nutritive cacao spreads, hot chocolate mixes, and superfood treats!

Yes, this company makes yummalicious healthy raw chocolate that is 100% Vegan friendly. And let us warn you 100% addictive. These chocolates taste fudgy like and amazing.

**VERDICT- We loved these chocolates, and are still becoming vegan lovers step by step. I do have to admit that we were a little iffey as to whether non-dairy chocolate would be as good as say milk or dark chocolate, but there was nothing to be worried about. They were creamy, fudge like, all-natural dessert. Mmm, more Vegan desserts please?

Haha, well I have no clue what to make for dinner, but the tummy is rumbling, and it’s time to go feed it.¬†Oh ¬†yeah Court and I got some really exciting news, and we will tell you all about it, if the plans go as followed. Have a great night, Vlog is in the works, and will probably be posted Friday night. Keep those q’s coming, this is fun.

Peace out Loves!


>Update Dinner Pic: “Pizza” Veggie Salad with a toasted Alternative bagel. Yum! Decided that pizza sauce makes the best dressing on salad.