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Happy Easter!!!!…=)

5 Apr


Whit and I decided to take easter off from work. It felt glorious to finally have a Sunday to sleep in and go to church. The last time we did that was over x-mas break. We slept in until about 9 am, then we came down stairs to hurry up and make breakfast because we had to be out of the house by 10:30. The house was unusually quiet because our mom was at work, our dad was asleep because he just barely had lasik on Friday, and our two older sisters were still asleep. It was weird it did not even feel like a holiday.   

 For breakfast Whit and I whipped up some Monkey Brains Blueberry Oats.

 We topped our oats with Brazil Nuts, blueberries, banana, and pb. It is weird, but anytime I have a bowl of blueberry oats mixed with brazil nuts it tastes like coconut to me. This flavor was something our of the ordinary, but I still think the strawberry one is my fave!

 MMMmmm warm blueberries are the best!

 At church Whit and I got a grande non fat toffee nut latte, and were still pretty stuffed from breakfast by the time lunch rolled around so we kept it simple and light.  

 This was our first time trying the peanut butter & jelly flavor of the lara bars and it is a new fave 😛 We could eat one of these babies everyday lol.

Since Our dad just got lasic surgery on his eyes Friday and he has been sleeping non-stop this whole weekend! He cannot do anything real physical for a week, SO he decided to make this next week his “recovery week” from P90X. He is not a guy to just sit around all weekend, therefore he had the brilliant idea for an afternoon walk. And it was gorgeous outside, but a bit breezy. Could have probably used a light jacket.

 Pictured: Dad, mom, Whit, Ash

 Me and Whit BFFL=)

 Easter dinner was probably as easy as it can get, Rolls and ham with potato salad. Also not pictured were some Deviled Eggs. Dessert was probably the best part Homemade Carrot Cake using a new product Xagave. Using the cookbook and Agave nectar the company sent us, we made a whole wheat carrot pineapple cake.

 The changes made to the recipe:

-For Cake-

  • Substitute Egg whites for eggs
  • Apple sauce for oil

-For Icing-

  • Use greek yogurt, reduced fat cream cheese instead of butter, and full fat cream cheese



 Verdict: I love agave in my cake! This carrot cake was so yummy, and no one could even tell the icing was mostly greek yogurt. lol It is great to make your family healthy secretly. Our dad was licking the oThe cookbook is great, and we look forward to trying more delicious Xgave recipes.

**To purchase your own, or to find some recipes visit http://www.xagave.com/ **

After dinner all of us kids watched Did you hear about the Morgans? It was a funny good movie to end the night with. Well breakfast and lunch are packed for tomorrow, and now it is time for these young ladies to get some beauty sleep. lol Hope you had a great Easter=)

XOXO Court and Whit♥

Please let there be a snow day tomorrow please=)

23 Mar

Since it was Free Pastry day at Starbucks, Court and I were early risers, and got right there to beat the rush. Drive-thru was out of control, so we went in and enjoyed ourselves.

We both chose a maple pecan scone paired with a tall non-fat toffee nut latte. The scone was amazzzinggg!!! It was like a maple donut, but better with those pecans.

After having breakfast, and chitchatting we made our way to school. We actually ended up getting there much earlier than usual, and got a really great parking spot.

Lunch was just a lovely thrown together Cliff Carrot Cake bar, and a Honey almond yogurt.

All day at school, the talk has been that we are suppose to get anywhere from 10-30″ of snow tonight. My math teacher kept pausing during her lesson, to check the weather for us all. lol We all had a moment of silence to pray for a snow day.

Afterschool we made a homemade PB and J Larabar, with some Carmel Lipton Hot Tea.

The weather is starting to go pretty crazy right now. One minute it was hailing hard core, then pouring rain, and then some snow. Who knows what is in the forecast. Colorado weather is crazy, and changing every minute.

Well now we are off to go workout.

XOXO Court and Whit

What is the weather in you neck of the woods like?