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Graduation and Summer Fever, eh?

4 May

Sup Dewds  Chickas???

So basically, there is 2 1/2 weeks left of highschool for us, and we are uber’ psyched!!! lol. It has been a journey filled with laughter, memories, and most importantly growing up. We are so proud of everything we have accomplished these past four years. The other night we were talking about it at the dinner table with our dad, and we all were just in amazement of just how much we have done. High School started out awkward, and Courtney and I were beyond confused with who we were suppose to be, or how to fit in. Then, by the end of our Junior year is when I truly think we found who the real Court and Whit are, and what we want to do with our life’s. This year (Senior year)  is probably the year we have grown up the most though. We have matured into beautiful young ladies with a lot of confidence, happiness, and passion to live life.

This morning, while Court and I were driving to school we were listening to our ipod and “Brighten up” by Mozella came on. It is a really fun song if you have not heard it, and the lyrics are all about brightening up someone’s day. As we were jamming out to this song trying to get pumped for class, Courtney stopped and said “Whit I really love this song, because it reminds me of you.” I laughed and asked her why. She told me that she used to be an unhappy person with low confidence, and I showed her what happiness is. She has always looked up to me, and I am such a person with high self-esteem who knows how to rub off my happiness onto others. Hearing this all put a smile on my face, and just made me think that is what I love to do. Changing people’s life’s is what I am meant to do. With that said, as I was cleaning my room today I found an old journal where I had written a great message I would like to share with you all:

“Do you ever feel like you just want to change the world? Something has inspired you so much that you just want to try it. Everyone in your surroundings looks the same, but you want to stand out. You have finally realized what you have been missing for all those years. And maybe just caught in the moment you realize what living life to the fullest really means. Everything feels right, and your quenched to try new things. You want to  create something or do something like no one’s ever done it before. You’re at the point, where trying is actually working. Where you can move on, and not even regret the past. We only have this one life to live, so we shouldn’t waste time not living it. Remember the moments, and brighten up someone else’s day. The future only holds what we make it. Take a different route, and meet someone who could change your life. Smile, because it is only you who can create happiness for yourself.”-Whit ♥

So wanna play catch up guys??

  • Courtney just had her one month anniversary with her boyfriend Michael yesterday. Me on the other hand, fell for an amazing older guy, who ended up having to move away for family reasons. It is sad, because I have never felt  as happy with anyone as what I did with him. That whole situation I am still trying to get over, and attempting to move on.
  • I got a second job at Panera bread, because I thought I was leaving Einstein bagels, until they offered me a raise I could not refuse. I worked two jobs for a little over month, and it was the hardest thing I had ever done, especially days when I had to go to school, and then work a double of like 15 Hours!! It made me tired and cranky, but the extra money made my bank account extra happy. lol
  • Court and I purchased our second car. She’s a black 2000 rx300, and costed us $8,300. Colorado snow is terrible, and so we decided we wanted to have one car that is good on gas, and one with 4WD for Colorado Winter’s. Also, with separate social life’s, etc a second car was becoming a necessity.
  • We are down to two classes now, one each block schedule day.


Court-Blue Whit-Pink
 I went with Dave as my date.

Davey poo and me

 And Court went with her boyfriend Michael. Aren’t they adorable?
 Our nephew Ty is getting big. Look, what a lil cutie! Right?

 I just love the little guy, and he is at our house all day three times a week for when my mom babysits.

 Here’s our new ride 🙂

Word to the wise, and some great advice my hubby Dave shared with me lately that really stuck: “why do you keep doing this to yourself but why continue down a path with no positive outcome. We as humans always justify a means to no end. Although we may not be able to predict the outcome of said events or… best action is to release the negative energy built up around our problems. Your potential is always much greater than you realize and when you do understand you were meant for something much greater only at that point will you walk into your desired path.”


P.S. Jillian Michael’s new book “Unlimited” is a phenomenal read, that just came out.

Alot on the mind lately

12 May

We conquered the middle of the week yo! With our per usual late day Wednesday, we got to sleep in till 5:30. It may not seem like sleeping in to some of you, but when you get up at 5 AM everyday ITS HUGE!!! Last night the weather changed in a big fat hurry, and we woke up with freezing temps, and a snow-covered ground. With summer break just a few weeks away that may seem odd to you, but nope not for COLORADO. lol 🙂 This morning, we were kinda stumped on what to make for breakfast, but then thought of some of Kath’s bowl of oats for inspiration. We basically went off of her butterscotch chips, PB, and yogurt idea, then just threw in whatever sounded good. In the end, all was random, but all was good♥ As eating b-fast we looked through all the grocery ads for the best deals this week.

Today was our short day, so after getting out at 10:45, we went on a fast grocery shopping trip to Albertson’s with the Mommasita, then did a little more when she rushed off to work. We got her into Luna bars, and now I swear she is an addict. You cannot go grocery shopping without picking a few up, otherwise wheew someone will be mad. lol While out shopping in the freezing temps, Court and I stopped into Carino’s Cafe for small NF Dulce de Leche Latte’s for an afternoon snack along with a cookie at the grocery store bakery. On the glass it says “Hey Kids take a Cookie, they are FREE!” So you know what being the kids we are, we snatched those little Pink Cherry Chip cookies right up. And let me tell you WOW, it was a bad for you good cookie☺

After the Grocery Extravaganza, we came home full of energy and ready to do a FREE OnDemand workout. Under the Most popular section, we chose a 43 min video that was fun and new. I liked this workout, because it incorporated Cardio, Strength, and floorwork. And it was put in separate intervals and rapidly changing, so you never got bored. Our older sister Ashley got home when we were in the middle of the Video, so she sat on the Couch and had an awesome conversation with us about this Summer/Future plans while we finished up the last 10 minutes. With all this Summer excitement going on, after reading Courtney’s Post the other day about “Goals for Summer,” and having a long talk with our older sister, we began to really think about our Summer goals.

On the mind, and Want to accomplish:

  1. Pay off more than half of our car to DAD, so basically upping our hours at work
  2. Take a Hot Yoga class! We have never done that, and it sounds awesome 🙂
  3. Figure out plans for College (Scholarships, Internships, Universities, Job, etc)
  4. Move forward with the plans Ash, Court, and I talked about today
  5. Run farther than I’ve ran before
  6. Go to places I have wanted to see/eat at in Colorado for a long time
  7. Take multiple hikes
  8. Ride my new old school bike to the grocery store, and then take home groceries in my cute little basket on the front
  9. Spend a whole day at the beach (Make a sandcastle, play in the water, lay in the sand)
  10. Make this years camping trip more enjoyable than last years
  11. Buy Chalene Johnson’s Turbo Fire, and complete the High Intensity Program
  12. Get awesome Senior Pics
  13. Take many naps
  14. Go swimming
  15. Relax by the pool
  16. Have BBQ, and make SMORES 🙂


Breakfast: Oats and Carmel Lipton Tea 

 For lunch we used our Bolani Yogurt Cheese Sauce, and some leftovers in the fridge to make a Wrap.

  • 1 La tortilla Factory Large Whole grain tortilla (80 cals)
  • bolani sauce
  • spinach
  • tomato
  • low sodium turkey
  • sprouts
  • avocado


And to go along with that Court and I split this Veggie Pirate Booty Single serve bag.  

 **Verdict: I was not to sure what to expect with Veggie flavored chips, but they were absolutely delish! 

 And with the purchase of the first Cherries of the season, we had to incorporate some of those 


 With all this cold air, some High Fiber Progresso Soup came to the rescue! 

As we as our Very Last Corn muffin VITA TOPS! tear tear 😦

What a good hardy meal, that defiantly satisfied and warmed us right up.  

With our “Get your workout done” mindset, we have already planned to wake up early tomorrow and do Jillian Michael’s new Yoga Meltdown video before school. As early as that may seem, it will all pay off in the afternoon, when school and our workout is already done for the day. That is how I see it anyways. lol I am more of a morning girl when it comes to working out, and Court is totally opposite. I have to drag her butt out of bed.

Word to the Wise: Plan your workout out tonight, and have a plan for your meals. Randomness= wasted time, laziness, sometimes bad choices, and of course PROCRASTINATION! Workout and make healthy choices for you. Think about why you want to be healthy, and what benefits you will get out of it. Stop thinking about the person you want to be, and actually become that person. Take a risk, if you never feel uncomfortable, nothing will change.

Most of all, Have a lovely night and get some sleep, because tomorrow is a new Day!

XOXO Court & Whit ♥

Green Beauties

8 Apr

Hey all, Court and I both agree this week is flying by! And this is awesome, because it is just another week to cross off of the Summer Countdown. If you have seen the movie Highschool musical, then do you remember the part at the beginning when they all chant “SummerSummer.. Summer…?’ That is what we have done every year now since starting High School. And making a weekly countdown is just mandatory:) This morning’s eats were a Green Monster Beauty made Iowa Girl’s way, and then some millet bread topped with:

  • Coconut Butter
  • Strawberry Preserves
  • Honey Greek Yogurt
  • Strawberries
  • Granola

and this great idea was compliments to Allie. Both were fantastic!

And for how much Spinach was in that blender, I was happy to find that it did not even taste like Spinach.

We wore those green mustaches proud, and already got in our GREENS for the day. Way to go Court and Whit!

At school in US History, we played the Stock Market game, and let me tell you, we got a lot to learn. Courtney and I so far are not meant to invest. LOL. It was a good life lesson that you can lose money in a snap, or as our teacher does in slamming the stapler on his desk and saying “The stock market is closed.” Have you ever invested in the stock market? or even played the stock market game in school?

QOD: How do you make your green monster? Share your recipe 🙂