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One hot mess! YIKES

13 Jul

Tuesday July 13th!

Hey lovelies ūüôā

Lately it has been hotter than blazes in our house so last night Whit and I needed something cold to cool us off. We thought to create a frozen treat with nothing other than Shakeology. This stuff rocks! If you skimped on veggies or greens during the day, then ya better drink up!
We call this Shakeology creation…
 Chocolate Mint Protein Ice Cream!

  • 1/2 cup almond milk
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 1 scoop choc. Shakeology
  • 1 tsp. instant coffee granules
  • 1/2 tbs. carob chips
  • 3 drops mint extract
  • sprinkle guar and xanthum gum
  • ice

Freeze for an hour and ENJOY!


This morning Whit and I were craving PANCAKES, protein pancakes that is! They are so yummy, satisfying and they kind of have a french toast texture. They never fail to impress me ūüôā Today we decided on raspberry, carob chip, coconut ones. The inspiration for these came from the ammazzing Pinkberry¬†I had last month.

1. Start by pouring 1/2 cup of old-fashioned oats into a bowl.


2. Then add 3/4 cup of egg whites.


3. Next add 1 sweetener packet of your choice.


4. Then add 2/3 cup of raspberries!


5. 1/2 TBS. carob chips


6. 1 TBS unsweetened coconut


7. A little under 1/3 cup unsweetened apple sauce


8. Stir all of the ingredients together.

Then measure our 1/4 cup and pour into a skillet. When the edges start to bubble then flip the pancake ūüėõ

This recipe should make 5-6 pancakes. ENJOY!

Paired with some iced Lipton Caramel Tea and this is a meal fit for a queen! lol.

We topped ours with some yogurt and a little brown rice syrup.


Well guys today it hit 100 degrees! So our mom FINALLY let us turn on the air conditioning in the house for the first time this Summer. Hallelujah! I swear I looked like a hot sweaty mess today. 

Our afternoon consisted of some 15 HITT action with the sistas, this odd lunch pair that I have been craving, and oh yeah some retail therapy!  

I swear Lean Pockets keep coming out with better and better flavors!

 Who says you cannot have a sweet potato with a Lean Pocket? In my world lunches like this always exist! lol.


I fueled myself with this cinna-puffin¬†yogurt mess before leaving to SHOP! Let me tell ya’ on a hot day like today nothing feels better than shopping in a nice air-conditioned store. And plus you can get in some good cardio too! ūüėČ


I was cravin’ something spicy for dinner tonight so I used some jalapeno hummus and made a grilled turkey wrap.

 Look at those awesome grill marks. This girl knows her stuff, huh!

Tomorrow is back to boring work. YUCK! But at least we do not have to close ūüôā All of your questions for our next vlog have gotten the creative juices flowing, so keep the questions coming!


1:00 on a Friday! What!?!

9 Jul

July 9th-

So once again the morning began at 4:30 am with a 55 EZ and Stretch 10 class. It is last day of the inferno plan… and I couldn’t be happier ūüôā Breakfast this morning was my favorite of all weeks! With about 20 minutes left of our workout, I started to get that pukey hungry feeling. I kinda get that sometimes if I do a hard workout in the morning without eating first. Luckily I pushed through it though.


Breakfast was super yum… and my fave: Waffles! I have been waiting for these all week.

These waffles and Turkey sausage links were not any pricey health brand. Instead we just stuck to what was on sell and got¬†Turkey Sausage¬†Jimmy Dean’s and Whole Wheat Eggos. You can still find healthy in many cheaper brands ūüôā

This whole meal hit the spot and kept me full. Two thumbs up for this inferno meal.

This was my first time ever having coffee with no sort of creamer. Instead we just had a packet of stevia and a splash of almond milk. It was surprisingly still good plane jane. Who knew one day I would actually be able to enjoy a simple cup of coffee. I swear the older I get the more my taste buds have adjusted! lol



We only had to work until 1:00 pm today. Alright! It is so crazy, but our new assistant is actually giving Whit and I some new hours. It is nice not having to be the only closers now ūüôā It was a short shift, but man was it crazy. I felt like I most definitely got a second workout at work. It was of course Free Bagel Friday, but the coupon expires today! So with that being said everybody rushed in at once to get their last free bagel. It was INSANE. There has never been so many orders in the red and complaints. We literally had almost all of our workers working, and we still could not keep up with the crowd. Well let me tell ya I am more than happy that craziness is over for today!


There was no time to eat the snack that we packed at work… so we just added it as an extra side with our lunch.

Lunch was a Chicken and Hummus Pita alongside a mixed greens salad.

Usually when it comes to planning out meal, I always seem to struggle with lunch ideas. I am good at coming up with salads… but that is about it. So this plan has allowed me to open plenty of new lunch ideas!



Our afternoon snack today was nothing other than Shakeology! Today we sprinkled some guar gum and xanthum¬†gum in it… which made it taste even better than the Frosty that we made last week!

Well the last inferno dinner that I am about to go make is Rosemary Pork Chops with Peas and Wild Rice. I love PORK CHOPS! So this will hopefully be a great meal to end with ūüėõ

Well before I go, I saw a random list that Christina did about herself last week and I thought it would be fun to share 10 random things about us!

1. Whit and I are mirrored twins. I am left-handed and she is right-handed.

2.¬†Whit and always¬†say that I am book smart and she is street smart.¬†I am¬†a¬†straight “A”¬†book smart girl and Whit has more common sense and is more aware about the important things in life lol.

3. We share a 2001 silver¬†Honda¬†Civic that is decked out in Tinkerbell.¬†We¬†even¬†gave our¬†car two¬†names… Tinkmobile(this one always gets¬†odd reactions until we tell¬†people about our Tinkerbell stuff lol)¬†and¬†Hollywood(because she came from¬†California).¬†

4. Whit and I cook dinner almost every single night for our family.

5. We do not really know how to swim. We took lessons when we were little… but never caught on! The most I can pretty much do is float on my back. I guess if I ever feel like I am going to drowned then floating on my back is the only thing that will save me. YIKES!

6. We are the youngest of 5. We have two older sisters and one brother. Karstee is 29, Travis is 25, and Ashley is 21.

7.  We secretly LOVE the Disney Channel lol. Hannah Montana is the best!

8. We played Barbie’s almost all the way up to sixth grade!

9. We are from Utah… so everybody always assumes that we are Mormon! Or even worse that our dad has multiple wives.

10. We have tried every sport out there soccer, basketball, gymnastics, lacrosse, cheerleading, dance, but ultimately working out has been our passion!

Well guys, I am off to cook!




P.S. Here was our final product!

Inferno Days 3 & 4

8 Jul

Hey There! Hows the Inferno week challenge going you might be asking?¬†¬†Hmmm… well to answer your question “it is frickin’ HARDCORE!!!” I’m loving the results so far, just not how hard it is. These are a lot littler meals than what¬†we are¬†used to, and I feel like my tummy is grumbling all day. Luckily though tomorrow is the last day!!! Yeah ūüôā The only gazillions things that I have been craving are Oats, overnight oats, green monsters, yogurt messes, sweet potatoes, egg sammies, and OMG Pancakes. Seriously this plan is like trying to break a hardcore addiction of coffee, oats, and a whole ton of PB. The food all taste good, but it has just reminded me that having what you are craving, and putting your own spin on meals is the best part. I’m loving these beautiful defined abs, and so far have learned a lot about healthy options both with Shakeology, and more cooking options with veggies.

 ~Day 3~

Breakfast-suppose to be cottage cheese with pineapple(eww, instead yogurt)

 Lunch- Loaded baked potato(picture was taking half way through being destroyed!)

¬†Afternoon Snack-Chocolate covered Raspberry Shakeology Shake…Totally tasted like a yummy frosty!!!

 DinDin-Grilled Chicken soft tacos

 and to pair some black bean Quinoa

~ Day 4 ~

¬†If you’re wondering, this plan includes 1 shakeology shake into each day, just cause it’s that good, and loaded with benefits!

¬†Oh my goodness, this Nutty Apple tasted like heaven, when you had b-fast at 4 AM, and are sweating to death at work because your workin’ so hard. Seriously this was probably one of the tastiest snacks. You can’t go wrong w/ apples and PB.

¬†Well we were suppose to have off from work today, but instead got stuck with a 6-2 shift. There’s no complains¬†here though, because WE DID NOT HAVE TO CLOSE for like the first time in ages. It was so weird leaving work early, but we definitely¬†appreciated it. Lunch eaten on break was this delish¬†egg salad wrap¬†with a side salad. The wrap was superb, the salad not so much. The balsamic vinegar just was not tasting very good today for some reason.

 When we got home from work, our snack was supposed to be an orange with 10 almonds, but it looks like someone in the family got a little hungry last night and ate them all gone. So we just opted for brazilian nuts and dates.

 After the snack, it was time to face another intense workout. We did Fire 45, HITT 20, and stretch 10.

¬†With this plan, we have become grill masters this week. Each dinner calls for a lean meat that requires grilling. So tonight’s dinner was Steak and potatoes.

So court and I were looking at the lasted issue of our Seventeen magazine, and found a cool workout called Piloxing.¬†Have you heard of it? It is a workout that combines boxing with Pilates. ¬†Well anywho it is a new Hollywood trend, and looks really awesome! Celebs like Hilary Duff and Ashley Tisdale love it. After looking up more about it, I’m thinking we are going to buy the DVD found on this website.

Well ya’ll¬†tomorrow is FRIDAY!!! Yay, then a day off saturday ūüôā These early workouts followed by long days of work have been putting me in a grumpy mood. But some sleep and good oats should do the trick. lol Wei-wei were still working on getting you that picture if you were wondering. Hopefully this weekend. The week is busy, but a relaxing Saturday is in the works. Tonight Big Brother comes on for the first time this summer, and court just made me some amazing ginger green tea sweetened with stevia. Peace out Lovelies X‚ô•X‚ô• Whit