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Homecoming and a Recipe Call

12 Oct

Hello Ladies and Gents!

Homework, Work, and Homecoming took over life all last week, but this week is looking a little more laid back. (Thank goodness! lol)

Every year for Homecoming, it is our tradition to go to Olive Garden with all of our friends before the dance, and we of course continued that tradition this year. Here are a few pics…

French Mani’s and Pedi’s

Here’s Court getting a little pissed when mom tried to mess with her dress. lol. I came to help.

(Whitney in Gold&White, and Courtney in Red)

Sometimes we can clean up nicely…

This was our last Homecoming. (Tear)

Do you remember how we told you that we are going to be future Aunts in a few months.(December) Well here is cute little Baby Tyler from his Ultra Sound last week. Isn’t he adorable. We are having his baby shower next Saturday. Its Exciting 🙂 Oh and he totally looks like our brother 100% already. lol


Recipe Call

Send us your favorite Healthy Fall recipes. It can be from Breakfast, snacks, lunch, dinner, dessert, or beverage. Maybe it’s a Family Top Secret. Your choice.We are all for a cozy meal that warms you up in this cooler Fall Weather! If your recipe is chosen, we would love to share it with our readers, and have you or your blog recognized.


Cappuccino Flavor

P.S. These No Pudge Brownies are absolutely tasty 🙂