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Saving Money :) 3/18

19 Mar


Today has been kind of a lounge around relaxing day. Whit and woke up at about 8 this morning. Then we watched the today show while we enjoyed our bowl of overnight oats and almond steamers. Pictured below is our blueberry/greek yogurt overnight bowl of oats. We added some fresh berries, wheat berries, and silvered almonds for extra fiber. If you have not tried wheat berries yet then I would definitly give them a try. They have are soft, and have kind of a nutty taste. I love em’. We also just ordered some Chia seeds which should be coming real soon, I cannot wait to add those to my oatmeal. There was a whole segment on the health benefits of Chia seeds on the Today Show today, if you want more info.

After breakfast, and letting our tummy’s digest, Whit wanted to get our Insanity video done right away. So we ran upstairs literally threw on some workout clothes and began the video. For some reason today I sweated bullets. That video kicked my butt. Today was Day 4 of Recovery Week. I am really excited scared for the beginning of month twos workout’s next week. YIKES!



For lunch we were both craving breakfast foods. So we decided a tofu/egg white scrammble and toast sounded superb.


We both decided the apple cinnamon bread from yesterdays breakfast was a definite repeater for today. We topped ours with raspberry preserve, and almondbutter/gingerbread butter on the other half. And of course our fave, pink lady apples were on the side. This was a complete nutritious breakfast lunch!



For a snack today, Whit and I decided to homemake Lara Bars!


We put these ingredients into the food proccesor for about 5 min.

  • 4 dates
  • 1/4 cup of raw almonds
  • a handful of the dried apple funky monkey mix
  • cinnamon

Once you have a sticky consistency, we added a drizzle of agave and formed the bars. This was our own version of the Apple Pie LaraBar. It also kind of reminded me of the Apple Cinnamon Pure Bars we tried a while back. These no joke tasted like the real thing. Whit and I are going to make some more tommorow to have for our snacks at school this next coming week. Each one of these bars usually cost about  $1 so look how much money we are going to save!


Look at the resemblence! Next time I think I will add walnuts to mine just like this one 🙂



For din din tonight we had leftover Shepards Pie in a wrap!


-Court and Whit