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Twas’ the night before vacation…

6 Jun

Sunday June 6th-

Well it was definitely a HOT one today! Even with wearing shorts to work, I still was dying. With the ovens, being surrounded by bagels coming out of the toaster, hot coffees freshly brewed, the drive thru window open with the heat coming in, and NO air conditioning I literally thought I was going to die of heat stroke! We have to wear visors as a part of our uniform, which makes you that much more hot and it gives you a head ache. By the end of the day when I took off my visor, my make up had literally melted off my face from sweat and was all on the inside of my hat. I do not know how I am going to handle working here everyday in the Summer. I got all eight of my glasses of water today at work + more at home. I need to figure out some way to beat the heat and keep these massive head aches away. If you have any suggestions, then I am all ears!




Breakfast this morning was prepared last night. Todays special was:

We use this guy, which looks like a green monster, but taste very similar to the odwalla superfoods drink.

MMMmm… this tasted like a green monster in a bowl. This will more than likely be a repeater overnight oats!

In the mix overnight to soak:

  • 1/2 cup of oats
  • 1/2 cup of bolthouse

In the morning add:

  • 3-4 heaping spoonfuls of greek yogurt
  • 1/2 banana
  • 1/4 tsp. chia, flax seeds
  • drizzle of pb


We also did not want anything hot to drink with breakfast so that left us with milk or tea. I was feeling a little congested this morning so I decided we better have some tea. We popped open this Honest Tea that we received with a free coupon from Sprout’s.

I absolutely loved this flavor, but unfortunately Whit was not a big fan. She said it tasted like peach NyQuil.

This kept me full all the way till lunch!

Lunch was kind of random, but we packed our last pumpkin bolani, a perfect foods bar, and some fresh oranges.

 So today everybody that came into Einstein’s was ordering one of our new bagel thin sandwiches. And of course they all had the buy-one -get-one free coupon that got sent out, so we were making a million of these things! They look good, but they are a pain in the but to make.



We had to close again today, so by the time we got home I was STARVING! So we worked fast a whipped up a yogurt mess. This little guy never tasted so good. I think it was the cinnamon puffins on top. YUM YUM! 🙂


There is box after box of pasta in our pantry right now, so our mom made some Chicken Fettucine for dinner.

It was this sauce that made the whole meal!


Sprinkled with some pepper, and you’re good to go 😉


Well guys I am so psyched, because tomorrow relaxation begins! We are leaving at 3 or 4 in the morning since it is a 9 hour drive.
I found this picture of Yellowstone and thought I show you guys just in case you have never seen how gorgeous this place truly is.


Well I do not know if we will have time to post at night on vacation this week, but we will take tons of pictures and fill you in on the whole trip when we get back! I hope you all have a wonderful start to your week tomorrow, and we’ll see ya soon. 🙂

XOXO Court and Whit

Its the start of week 8!

24 May


Hello there, I think it is about time for a weekend/ mountain of a Monday wrap-up!


Saturday- We woke up at 6 am, then headed off to the job. It was the first day we worked with all of the new coffee’s. The customer’s at our Einstein’s consist mostly of old retired people, and they were pissed about the whole new set up. I was cashier, and Whit was on the line all day making sandwiches. Each customer made it loud and clear to me that they hated the new set up. When work was over, we came home and I showered up and put on my jammies. 🙂 There is nothing like changing into some loose clothes after a long day of work. Once I was all comfy, I sat down to a nice dinner and an awesome finale episode of Grey’s Anatomy. It is weird, but the only times I have seen this show is when it is the finale!

The comment’s consisted of:
“I want to be able to pour my own coffee, this is dumb.” 
“The only reason we have always come here is because it is not like Starbucks.”
“This is only going to make things harder on you guys.”

ect…. ect….

There is nothing that I can do but listen to the negative comments and give the feedback back to the boss. Oh well, I LOVE the new set up. It is so fresh and exciting. I love being able to use a $15,000 coffee machine and make every drink to perfection!

Sunday- The comments were even more negative and people started taking it out on me. I had about had it. Every little mistake or things taking too long were blamed on me, when I was clearly cashing people out all day and had absolutely nothing to do with their food/drink! Any who I shook it off and crashed when I got home.
Now on to the eats….

Friday night we whipped out a pumpkin bolani out of the freezer. It tasted so good paired with Summer’s fruit(mango) and a fresh salad.  

**Verdict: What can I say, anything with pumpkin(esp. a wrap), wins my vote!


Saturday’s breakfast was homemade vegan blueberry cornmeal pancakes. We used a recipe out of our “Eat, Drink, Be Vegan” book. It was a little too crumbly. I think I will probably have to tweak the recipe next time. We mashed some banana, added a drizzle of agave, and sprinkled some Vanilla Almond Galaxy Granola on top.  


A packed lunch consisted of Barley with shrimp and a side of dried fruit.


For dinner, we were craving some carbs so a Tuna Fish Panini it was. What can I say I guess it was a fishy kinda day..lol.  

My family always sticks BBQ chips on Tuna Fish sammies, so we thought what a perfect time to try these:


I am lovin’ all of the goods from Newman’s Own! Check out the stats:

**Verdict: Very similar to Quaker Rice Quakes. They were overall guiltless puffs of flavor!


And for dessert was a Court and Whit original:
Toffee Chocolate Cheesecake

The recipe is as follows:

  • 2 tbs. Pillsbury Brownie Mix/ the mix of your choice
  • 1 tbs. Sugar-free fat free cheesecake jello mix
  • 1 tsp. toffee chips
  • 1/8 tsp. baking powder
  • 1/4 tsp. vanilla extract
  • 1 pkt of NuNaturals Stevia/ sweetener of choice
  • 1 tbs. egg whites
  • t tbs. greek yogurt
  • 2 tbs. hot water
  • dash of salt

Place all of the ingredients into a microwaved safe bowl sprayed with nonstick spray, and microwave for 2-3 minutes(ours took 3).
*The entire recipe is about 147 calories


Sunday’s breakfast was PB&J oats with a few additions…

We added greek yogurt, dates, and granola in addition.


Lunch was a classic fruit salad and a Cashew Almond Prana.

**Verdict: If you do not like crunchy, then this bar is not for you. 😛 Luckily I love crunchy, hence all of the kashi bars I like! All of the nuts in this bar were amazing! One word to describe this bar…. crunchtastic lol.



Finally on to today. After having the mocha cappuccino bolthouse oats the other day, we had a strong craving for another bowl!

We topped our oats with some of these guys:

**Verdict: tastes like giant chocolate animal crackers. They were pretty big so only a few were needed 🙂


Today was an “A” day/short day, so we came home and made this yummy lunch:

 Turkey, guac, and onion on a leftover hamburger bun and some fresh fruit(mango, watermelon and kiwi). It was so delish…. I gobbled it up! 

Also served alongside was some Fiber Gourmet Nacho snax!

Here is the nutritional info….

Some meal ideas with Fiber Gourmet…

And a comparison to Kelloggs! Not too shabby right 😉

**Verdict: Cheesy and salty= love. This company has an amazing ability to recreate all of my fav. snacks!


After lunch Whit and I each had a square of this chocolate.

**Verdict: I have never had Mocha chocolate before, but it was crazy rich. I could have easily ate the whole bar!


And now on to the last review of the day: a Lemon Poppyseed Heart Thrive that Whit and I had for an afternoon snack.

Each pack serves two, so we each had a heart. Each package contains more calcium than a glass of milk!

Here is some info. from their website:

      “No Trans Fats! “      

 “Heart Thrives are a delicious, VEGAN and NON-GMO energy bar. Made with oats, soy and dried fruits, each Heart Thrive supplies 30% daily PROTEIN, FIBER and CALCIUM.”  

“Heart Thrives are made from ingredients with a low glycemic index that metabolize slowly providing sustained energy for hours. “ 

**Verdict: I have only ever tried Poppy Seed Muffins, but in a bar was sooo good. Why don’t they make more creative bar flavors like this company? The heart make look little, but it is very dense and filling. It kept me full till dinner!
For more info. visit: http://www.suncakes.com/Thrive.htm

Today has been kind of a spontaneous day. After lunch, instead of getting right into our workout, homework, chores, ect. we did absolutely nothing. Everybody needs one of those days every once in a while right?! Whit read some blogs, and I took about a 30 min. power nap. We could have got a lot done being our early day, but I could just find no motivation.

In the afternoon, Whit and I completed 30 day shred level 1 then made breakfast burritos for the fam. for dinner.

Well it is about time to actually get some school work done. Before I go I wanted to tell you all about an idea Whit and I have been thinking about for a while now. After about reading Fitnessista’s summer shape up plan, we have been thinking about coming up of one of our own to be featured on our blog. It would be for teens, young people, heck anyone who is interested. Will anyways, we would love to hear all of your feedback!