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Bliss Cupcakes

17 Jun


So this afternoon we met up with our oldest sister Karstee at the new cupcake shop in town called Bliss Cupcakes. This girl’s mom, that we used to do cheer with is actually the owner.

Isn’t the outside so cute… I love the little cherry! I cannot believe how trendy cupcake shops are becoming.  

Here are the cupcakes that we all chose and eat devoured. Karstee ordered the Basic Bliss cupcake which is the low left one. It is a vanilla cupcake, with vanilla frosting, and sprinkles. Whit ordered the Cookie Monster which is obviously the top one. It was a chocolate cupcake, with cookies and cream filling, and a whipped cookies and cream frosting.(This one kind of tasted like a ding dong) I ordered the Nutty Professor, which is a chocolate cupcake filled with peanut butter mousse and topped with whipped peanut butter frosting.(This girl cannot get enough pb!) I tryed all of them, but ultimately mine was the best 🙂

This little shop was so cute. There were so many flavors to choose from, I will definitely be going back there again. The inside of their shop could have been decorated a little better, but I can understand being a new company and all.

You guys should check out their site, they have some mouth watering pics.


We are the kind of girls who sometimes have dessert before our meal. For lunch we had a fruit salad and a perfect foods bar. I have not had an appetite at all today so I finished my salad and only had a few nibbles of my bar.



We had dinner duty yet again tonight since we did not have work today. So we decided on something simple BBQ chicken sandwiches. Usually my dad is the only one who grills for our family, but tonight I did. Whit prepared our sides while I cooked up these bad boys.


All that I did was defrost some chicken breast, put them on the grill, and when they began to slowly turn white, then I brushed the Kraft BBQ sauce on both sides.

Here is  a birds eye view of our whole meal. We had our chicken on a fabulous flat sandwich thin, cheecha puffs, and pineapple with a dollop of plain greek yogurt.  This was truley the best summer dinner 🙂

We added some pepperjack cheese and purple onion and it was truly PERFECTION!


Well guys we are off to go walk around the park with our sista’s. We got work again in the morning for FREE BAGEL FRIDAY!


XOXO Court &  Whit