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Baby shower recap and some good eats

31 Oct

 So this past week has been a pretty good relaxation from school. We had a nice Fall break filled with:

  • Sleeping in
  • Work
  • Shopping
  • Homework
  • Workouts

Last night all of us siblings carved our pumpkins, watched scary movies, and made pizza! Court and I decided to share a pumpkin this year, and made a cute Tinker Bell One. 🙂 Speaking of Halloween, here are Tips on a healthier holiday without sacrificing fun and flavor from nutrition expert and healthy lifestyle consultant, Melissa Hooper:

Halloween can be a scary time nutritionally, so Voskos Greek Yogurt offers ways to make this and every holiday a bit healthier without sacrificing fun and flavor for the entire family.

There are ways to reduce calories, sugar and fat while avoiding all the frightful shrills and squeals!  For parties as well as passing out treats, caramel apples make a healthier treat since caramel is low-fat.  Plus, it’s a great way to sneak in a fruit.  Rice crispy marshmallow treats also make a healthier alternative by using low-fat marshmallow and cereal, with the latter offering B-vitamins.  Additionally, the marshmallow treats can be molded into fun shapes and characters such as ghosts and pumpkins.  Children love getting hands-on and moms can help them make these types of easy and creative treats.

In addition to making nutritious tweaks to some of the traditional ways Halloween is celebrated (with candies and high-sugary foods), it’s important to remember that good nutrition is dependent on good dental care.  So, while we may allow our kids to have a few more sugary treats than normal during this time, we have to also instill good dental habits such as brushing teeth after eating sugary foods.  In fact, why not hand out travel-size toothbrushes and toothpaste on Halloween?  Voskos Greek Yogurt recommends handing out some other fun treats along with the toothbrush and toothpaste, or you may find yourself the target of a trick!  A few more hand-out ideas on non-edible items are match-box cars, pencils, mini-note pads, stickers, bubbles and small party favors.

According to Melissa Hooper, registered dietician of Bite-Size Nutrition, “Good nutrition begins with good dental care.  Especially for children while they are still growing and developing, it is essential they get enough calcium to support strong healthy teeth during these formative years.”  One of the best ways to get calcium is by eating Voskos Greek Yogurt.  Voskos Greek Yogurt is a good source of calcium, has two times the protein, higher in probiotics and less lactose, all in addition to the delicious taste kids love.  An 8 ounce serving of Voskos Plain Original Greek Yogurt has 30% calcium.  Top this off with fresh fruit and nuts to start children off on a healthy track.  “Some fun ideas for serving Greek yogurt are to make smoothies or as frosting on top of cupcakes and cookies.  Kids, goblins and witches of all ages will eat it up!,” adds Hooper.

Visit  http://www.voskos.com/fresh/ for  healthy living tips and ideas on increasing calcium intake. For more healthy recipe ideas, check out the recipe section on http://www.voskos.com/recipes/.  Coupons may be downloaded at www.voskos.com and/or at www.facebook.com/voskos.greek.yogurt.

Here’s to a Healthy, Happy Halloween!

Onto the Eats:

Maple Coffee Oats W/ a Gingerbread Struesal Muffin crumbled on top

 humus Turkey & Spinach Wrap

 Apple sauce Mess

 Veggie Salad W/ a Turkey burger crumbled in, and Sweet potato Fries

 Gingerbread Struesal Muffins from this lovely girl

 Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies!

 Pumpkin Cookie W/ Ovaltine

 Strawberry Banana & White Chocolate Oats

 Eggs, sausage, and avocado toast

 Apple Cinnamon Oats W/ a pumpkin cookie crumbled in

 Fruity Filled Cheerios

 avocado Toast:

  • 1 slice of whole wheat toast (Put in the toaster)
  • Spread humus on the toast
  • mash 1/4 of an avocado, and then spread on toast over hummus
  • then place red onion sliced on top
  • Sprinkle Sea salt, Garlic powder, and spike over the top.

 We pulled out another loaf of Manna Bread out of the freezer

 The Stats…

 The simplicity of the ingredients is awesome!

 Spread with a lil’ almond butter and cinnamon on top, and it taste better than Banana nut Bread 🙂 Yum! 10/10

 Now to the Baby Shower…

 Here are the cute Chocolate Covered Oreo’s Court and I spent one whole day making. Trust us, they are not easy to make! Especially if you are doing all the details.

 And chocolate pretzel rods 🙂

 Our mom went crazy and ordered the Personalised M&M’s that said “It’s a boy,” and “Tyler.”

 Here We are 😉

 These are our twin cousins Lexi and Logan!

 Our brother Travis, Erica, and their friend Eric

 The Grandpa’s, that is Grandpa from work aka Jay, (he’s a customer and a good friend to the family…lol), and our real Grandpa on the right.

 The little girl that loved me, and sat by my side the whole baby shower

 Ashley and her “Friend” Carlo


 Travis and Erica opening gifts

 And then he got cake smashed in his face by the boys!

It was a nice break, and now there are another 3 weeks till Thanksgiving break, which means our birthday and Christmas are fastly approaching, Yikes! Is anyone else starting to worry about gift shopping?

Since this week has allowed some time for shopping, Court and I spent a pretty penny at Ulta. And we have a product to rave about. TRESemme’s new Fresh Start Line. This whole line is awesome! We love how soft and frizz-free it makes our hair look. If you have never tried dry shampoo, you must 🙂 Your hair will thank you for the hydration without using all that water which gets rid of all the natural oils.

Have a Happy Safe Halloween!

XOXO-Court & Whit

From Car trouble to 5 Hour Energy

16 Sep

Hey all, so Court and I are a lil’ hyped up right now.

And all of this energy is the result of a familiar bottle I am sure you see everywhere…I present you with   


5-Hour Energy!!!! 🙂 After looking at all the nutrient stats I have noticed that they are 4 calories, and full of B Vitamins, more than a recommended daily intake, but every once in a while you gotta have an energy drink. It has been a long week, not to mention a long school day. But before we get into the details of drinking this at 5 PM, let me tell ya what this crazy filled day was like.   

5 AM- Kelly Clarkson playing on the radio and wakes me up. Court and I meet in the bathroom with eyes glued shut and struggling to open.  “Ugg, why….” I don’t wanna go to school.” Then, I am shivering in my Target pajama shorts as I put on my Furry green robe and head downstairs.  

5:05 AM- Pull Overnight oats out of the fridge, take kiddie vitamin, make a BIG glass of ice water, and then sit down to eat breakfast with court. We are still half asleep, so there is not much talking going on this morning like most mornings.   

5:30 AM- Go back upstairs lay in bed a little while longer procrastinating, and then finally get ready for school.  

6:30AM- We are off! Whoops, forgot the ipod! That means it is time to listen to that old CD for the 1,oooth time. lol. Court and I know every word, and exactly what song comes next now. Note to self-“Never forget the Ipod again! This CD is getting real old.”  

7:10AM- School is in session, and Court and I have first period together. (AP Psycology).Today was our Chapter 7 Test on “Memory.” We got back our test results within 5 minutes of taking the test(scantron). I got mine back first. 26 out of 35, not to shabby. Then, I lean over to Court “Hey dude what did you get?”    

23, she said, what did you get?” 26! No way, my own sister, the girl who lettered in Academics two years in a row did worse than me? Holey cow, this is such a shocker to me, that I cannot help it but brag a little. LOL okay Alot! Courtney is totally the book smart twin, so I for once felt so proud of my test score. Half the time I do not even bother to ask Court what she got, just because I already know it will be a few more points or a whole letter grade higher than me.   

12:21 PM- 3rd period is over, and I am now FREE for the day, that is at least until Art class tonight at 6. My class gets out a half hour earlier than Courtney’s and we were all out of gas, so I’m thinking I will run to the Gas station and Wal-mart real fast, and then come back to pick her up. I am almost to the car, and start to unlock it. I keep pushing the button, and it is making no sound and not unlocking. “WTF!” I put the key in and hand unlock the car. “Man it is HOTT out. I need to roll down these windows asap.” I put the keys in the ignition and turn. It does not turn on or make any sound. Then, I begin to get frustrated and keep trying. By now I am swearing up a storm, and thinking: “*&%# not another thing to pay for to get fixed.” Luckily only the battery was dead. I called my dad, and he rushed over to Jumpstart the car.   

Since we were on E, I had to rush to the gas station and get gas with the car still on. I know dangerous, but it was the only option.   

1:05 PM- Pick up an angry Courtney, and explain to her what happened, since my phone sucks at sending text, and she did not get any of them.  

1:15 PM- Go home with a grumbling tummy, stuff our faces with some yogurt pretzels as we make some lunch.   

1:45 PM- Grocery shopping with the momasita at Albertsons. The Starby’s samples were calling our names right when we walked in the door, so Court and I rushed over to get our free mini Pumpkin Spice Frappaccinos. ~Can you say yum, or What? Man Pumpkins spice anything really hits the spot 🙂  

3:30 PM- Math Homework time! Court and I sat down at the Kitchen table and worked a good solid hour on HW, before having to eat dinner.   

4:30 PM- Dinner! We picked up some spicy chicken, Joe-Joe Potatoes, Pillsbury Buttermilk rolls, and watermelon at the store. So this mostly fried meal was the easy way out tonight.   

5:10 PM- Time to go to Class! Our art class is a 30 minute drive, and there is rush hour traffic the whole way there, so we usually try to leave pretty early. Now finally to the whole 5-hour energy story. Our night-time college classes go from 6-8:40 every Tuesday and Thursday, and by that time of the night my brain is fried, and it is hard to focus let alone stay awake. Ashley also goes to her night class at the same time, and was telling me how awake she was in class from 5-Hour Energy, so I figured, why not give them a try…right!? At the grocery store before class, we picked up the Lemon-Lime flavor.   

While driving there, we split the bottle, because of the bottle and Ashley’s warning that the whole 2 oz bottle is too much for one time. It will give you extreme energy. Ha is she right half the bottle is PLENTY! Court and I were so pumped and Crazy as we were walking into the school. As we made our way up the stairs, we noticed two of our classmates leaving. They said “Hey guys, No class tonight, but you just gotta turn in your test. THANK YOU JESUS! OMG, so now we were all hyped up and NO CLASS! YESSS! This meant NO driving in the dark, and time to finish all the HW, that got assigned at school today before the real weekend starts.   

With all this extra energy, Court and I have managed to finish ALL of our HW, which would usually be procrastinated all weekend. So lets just say I am feeling really happy already starting this weekend. 🙂 And as a cherry on top, NO SCHOOL, OR WORK TOMORROW!!! All in all, thank you 5 Hour Energy, you made me a productive person for once, and I put all those 5 hours to good hard labor. lol.  

And now I will give you a few of the yum yums for the tum tums lately:  

Cottage cheese Egg-Whites, PB&J toast on Apple-Cinna bread, and Morning Star sausage links


Red Velvet Cake yogurt mess- 1 Light Yoplait "red velvet cake yogurt", 1/2 cranbran vita top, kashi go lean, strawberries, cherries, gingersnap


Apple Cinnamon Raisin OVERNIGHT OATS


Lately we have been pumping up or volumizing our overnight oats more with the addition of puffed millet, and almond milk.  

In the mix:  

  • 1/3 cup oats
  • 1/3 cup puffed millet
  • 1/3 cup almond milk
  • 1 light apple turnover yoplait yogurt
  • lots of cinnamon
  • 1 tsp sugar-free fat-free jello cheesecake mix
  • raisins
  • half a chopped apple
  • drizzle of Justin’s Honey PB

-Then, topping Crazy 🙂  

PB&Pumpkin butter sammie on Apple cinnamon bread with an apple sauce mess



Goodnight lovelies! It is late, sweet dreams ❤  


1 year Anniversary

7 Sep

 It’s Official!

Whit and I have been blogging for exactly one year. Our blogs birthday was actually yesterday but we did not even realize it until after we had already posted. Here’s our very first post, if you have never read it. It is pretty crappy if you want my opinion. Also most of the pictures from our first few posts got deleted when we added more space on to our blog. We started our by making our posts look like this. Whit and I always Cristin’s blog Eat Like Me from SELF.com so we kind of did the same layout as her for a while. Any ways looking back at the past year, our blog and our lives have come a long way.

Some important events that are documented on this blog is:

  • starting our junior year
  • getting a job at Chick-fil-a and then quitting and going to Einstein Bro’s with Whit
  • getting our licences
  • 17th birthday
  • finding out that we are going to be aunts
  • becoming an early morning work out person
  • creating so many delicious recipes
  • getting interviewed for The Weekly Reader
  • having the opportunity to be in high school and college at the same time
  • reviewing some amazing products

This first year has been quite an adventure. Thank you to all of our readers and all of your wonderful comments. Everytime I get a comment, it puts a smile on my face. You all are amazing. 🙂

 With that said we celebrated this morning with some birthday oats!

 It felt like Fall air when we woke up, so instantly I whipped out a can of pumpkin for our oats 😛

  •  1/3 cup oats
  • 1/3 cup almond milk
  • 2/3 cup water
  • 3 tbs. pumpkin puree
  • 2 tbs. fresh brewed coffee
  • 1/2 tbs. SF instant Butterscotch pudding mix
  • 1 tsp. flax, chia
  • pumpkin pie spice/ cinnamon

While cooking stir in 1/2 a sweetener packet and some maple extract. Then top off with yogurt, pb, and a sliver of zucchini bread!

Here’s to a great year!

 Oh and here’s a preview of C+W’s steamers which you will be seeing a lot more of in the next few chilly months!

 Since today is an “A” day we did not have school, and it has been an extra long weekend. After breakfast we laced up our shoes, and headed outside for a nice cool run on the trails around the neighborhood. It was in the 60’s, and felt awesome. We ended up doing a 25 min run that included sprints, stairs, jogging, etc. It was Fun! Then, when we got home we did some ab work and weight lifting.

 The kitchen was a mess, so we cleaned it up, and lit this yummy smelling candle. How cozy! 🙂

 Lunch today was a Jumbo Veggie packed salad, with half a Volcanic Chocolate Banana Bora Bora bar, and a Pluot. We have been so addicted to Plouts lately. They are amazing! If you have not tried them yet, you must.

 Here is the last out of our stash of Bora Bora bars.

 It was good of course, but did not really taste like chocolate banana. Court thought it tasted more like German Chocolate Cake. lol. We both agree they should change the flavor name.

Here’s a close up of all those veggies. The egg-whites and humus really make the salad! 

It’s time to go Chillax. I am thinking a warm bath and maybe watching some Gilmore Girls. Today it is a good day, because it is pay day $$$.

QOD: We are in the Fall mood today, so we want to know what you are looking forward to most in this upcoming holiday season?


P.S. Be sure to head on over to Chocolate Covered’s Katie’s blog because she is having an awesome lara bar giveaway!