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Knock Knock Delivery from…

25 Mar

 Next Generation Organic Dairy

Steve Pechacek from Next Generation Organic Dairy was nice enough to send us some samples of their cheese. The following flavors we got sent were:

And just for some background of the product:

 Founded in February of 2001, Next Generation Organic Dairy was born by combining three small organic dairy farms who wanted to give the consumers a consistent, quality organic dairy source. The focus of Next Generation Organic Dairy is not just to produce another line of organic dairy products, but rather to provide high class, nutritious products that taste good and are processed to retain more of their natural goodness, wholesomeness and are affordable. Next Generation Organic Dairy Products are produced using only the utmost care and attention to quality and nutritional value. Their cheeses are produced using only certified organic raw milk. Next Generation Organic Dairy products can be found in Wisconsin, Washington, New York, Minnesota, Michigan,Illinois, Iowa, and Virginia.

*To purchase some of their products yourself visit: http://www.nextgenerationdairy.com/

 For dinner tonight, we had some of our dad’s delicious leftover Chili from last night with the Garlic Parsley Cheddar melted on top. But before melting it, we both took a piece off to try.

**Verdict: So yummy! We have never tried Garlic flavored cheese before, so this was really different. A good kinda different. And melted on the Chili was amazing=) It gave the Chili so much flavor.



 Paired on the side with some leftover maple cornbread.

Now, it is time to settle down for the night and go watch the BlindSide. This movie is so far one of our top faves for the year=) Our bro brought over some reeses eggs, so you know we will have some of those as well.

Goodnight All,

                     XOXO Court&Whit