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At last, 60 Days of Insanity Complete!

17 Apr

Ugg, work again are you freakin kidding me? lol, the alarm hit at 6 AM, and we dragged our tired Butts right out of bed. Saturday morning’s are the worst, when you think back to when you were still considered a kid, you did not have a job, and life was easy. You slept as late as you wanted, and just plain out simple, The day was yours. Typically on weekends, you had no obligation to anyone buy yourself. Now, on the morning’s when it is tuff, we just remind eachother that getting up is just a part of Growing up. The truth of the matter is you gotta work for what you want in life. And in our case, that is go to work to buy what we want, go to school to get the education we want, workout for the body we want, eat good for the health we want. All in all working gives anyone the life they deserve. Good things come to those who work. Right?…

With excitement to try out our new Measure up bowls that came in the mail yesterday, Court and I made Kashi Cereal for Breakfast.  

And here is some info about the bowl’s courtesy of their website:


The Measure Up Bowls are microwave and dishwasher safe porcelain portion bowls that are a great healthy lifestyle tool. They TAKE THE GUESSWORK OUT OF CALORIE COUNTING. The Measure Up Bowls can help you lose weight more quickly and easily – but here is the difference. The Measure Up Bowls are designed to help you keep the weight off. They are designed with the intent of permanently changing your lifestyle habits- not to just be another quick fix.

 How cool is that? Clearly engraved markings for the perfect measuring. Kiss the measuring spoons goodbye!

 Verdict: The bowl is cute, we’re loving not having to wash more dishes because of measuring spoons, and like the box says, it really does “take the guesswork out of calorie counting.”

 After months of wanting to try this cereal, Court and I finally picked it up at the grocery store this week, because it was on sale and we had a coupon, BONUS!

 So with this new Vita Top addiction, we decided to have a raisin Bran one with breakfast.

 Topped with our homemade raw cashew butter 🙂


 And Cinnamon, yum!

 And lastly some almond milk, blackberries, dried cherries, walnuts, and old-fashioned oats were thrown in the cereal.

Muffin Verdict: Cinnamon, Cashew Butter, and muffins were meant for each other. This muffin was moist, and tasted like a softer version of an oatmeal raisin cookie.

 Breakfast= Healthy, perfect size, satisfying♥

At work today, it was busy busy! Everyone and their mom came in for a Bagel, no lie. There was no time to even go to the bathroom when you had to go! And since it was a cold gloomy looking day, every customer was bringing in Coupons for Free Chocolate Almond Latte’s, so we we’re screaming that order out every couple of minutes, lol kinda agonizing, when you are cold too, and want your own Chocolate Almond Latte. What ev, that is why there is a Milano’s Coffee across the street for after work

 By the time we got to got on lunch, it was nearly 1PM! We were some hungry chickas. On the menu today was leftover Whole grain Couscous, with HG apricot chicken mixed in, a Cutie, and a new little Raw Crunch bar. The company sent us a nice big box filled with 3 bars of each flavor, and the flavors include Blueberry,Chocolate, Goji, and Cranberry.

 The First one we tried was Blueberry!

Info from website:”We suggest eating a Raw Crunch bar between breakfast and lunch and another between lunch and dinner. This will keep you nutritionally satisfied throughout the day, while maintaining your energy and blood sugar levels, which in turn helps to release stored body fat for energy. You will also notice that your lunch and dinner portions will greatly reduce in size. As always, they are a delicious healthy snack for adults and kids on the go! All of our bars are Gluten-free, Soy-free, Dairy-free, Peanut-free & Raw, with the exception of our Organic Dark Chocolate variety. The chocolate pieces in this bar are not soy-free or raw. However, this is a great bar to help those transition into raw foods.”

 Verdict: These bars are SUPER filling. They have a nice crunch, which defiantly satisfies your chewing needs. Therefore, it took us longer to eat! We both loved the dried blueberries, and all the Seeds 🙂

Another thing we wanted to try today was one of our Owaters. This one was the Unsweetened Wild Berries flavor.

Verdict: This flavor was quite gross, I don’t know if the Unsweetened part had something to do with it, but I took one sip and thought it tasted like old Tap water. I then handed it off to Court, who took one sip and had a disgusted look as well. lol It is kinda funny that our taste buds are so similar the older we get!

We got off work at 4PM, and it was rainy and Cold. To satisfy that Latte Craving from earlier, we stopped by Milano’s Coffee for some Warm Lattes! I got a small non-fat cookie dough latte, and court got a small non-fat macadamia nut latte. They were both super good. This place knows their coffee 😉


 Also on the 30 min drive home, we split this Perfect Foods bar. If you are a Peanut Butter fanatic, then you NEED to try these ASAP.

 When we got home, we threw on our workout clothes, and finished our last and final day of Insanity!!!! 🙂 🙂 Day 60 Completed~


***Verdict: This was one of the hardest Workout DVD programs we have ever Seen! 45 min to an hour and a half a day 6 days a week of PURE CARDIO! If you have not seen the infomercial yet, you must Watch. From Day one, our Stamina has increased significantly. And, we have stronger biceps than we have ever had before, and all from using our own body weight. These workouts were a month less than P90X, but about 20 times harder. On the infomercial, Shaun T says that this program gets you results it can take people a year to achieve, and I believe it! We loved this program, and are excited to try more beach body workouts like Chalene Extreme. Seriously, you guys this is worth your money, but I would check Ebay for great deals.***

After completing out last workout, “The Fit Test,” Court and I took a leisurely half hour walk around all the trails in the neighborhood. Then, stopped of at the mailbox

When we got home, our mom had dinner all cooked. She made Mashed Potatoes, Garlic pork tenderloin, and we added the addition of Veggies, and Dr.Krackers Cherry Crackers.

 With another sweet tooth for Vita, we made a yogurt mess using:

  • 1/3 cup Chobani Vanilla
  • 1/3 Greek Gods plain
  • 1 tsp of creamy Krema Peanut Butter
  • 1 Vita top brownie

 **Caution, Vita Tops quickly become an addiction at first bite, so thank got for their great nutrition rep**

 Mix it all up, and it taste like Cookies and Cream Fro-yo, MMM.


Good night LOVELIES!

Another Long day of work ahead of us Tomorrow, oh well that is LIFE 🙂

XOXO Court & Whit♥

Reminder: One more Day to enter Chobani Giveaway which ends at midnight tomorrow Night.(Sunday 4/18)