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Monday= Start of Week 5

3 May

Monday- 5/3

Well guess what?!?…. Week 5 of school officially begins to-d-a-y ūüôā

And on the agenda today was:

  • School
    -Scicnce Test
    -Math Test
  • After school
    Afternoon snack
    -Work out (chalene burn circuit 2 and the shred level 1)
    -Make dinner

Almost done with my to-do list! What was on your agenda for the day?


This morning, using the rest of our Bolthouse Chai-Tea, we created: Maple Chai Coffee Oats~GENIUS!

In the mix:


  • 2 tbs. Honey Greek Yogurt
  • 1/2 tbs. Richard’s Natural Crunchy pb
  • sprinkle silvered almonds
  • sprinkle Apple Cinnamon granola

Doesn’t that look delish, and it was perfectly proportioned in the MU bowl we got sent ūüėČ


And I bet you know what time it is now…..


A while back Krema sent us about¬†4 jars of their peanut butter to review(2 Krema, and 2 Crazy Richard’s). After polishing of a jar of their creamy, we whipped out the Chunky this morning! As¬†quoted from the jar, this company is “TOTALLY Nuts!”¬†Their nut butters contain¬†no salt, sugar, hydrogenated oils or trans fats.

For more info. visit http://www.kremaproducts.com/ 


VERDICT: This is the crunchiest peanut butter I have ever tried, if you cannot already tell from the picture of the oats! I like crunchy peanut butter more than creamy so this definitely hit the spot…. TWO THUMBS UP in my book!



Today was a “b”-day, so mid morning snack was this guy.



Whit and I did not feel like making a million dishes, so lunch today was a frozen meal(And a divine one at that!)

Who knew Lean Pockets came in such a variety of unique flavors.  



The test’s that we took at school today were kinda difficult, but I am hoping we did okay, so that our grades stay good and high before FINALS hit ūüôā ¬†We both had the same Chemistry test today. Whit took hers first period and I took mine second hehe. School was not that bad today, my schedule(whit) went
1B) Chem Test
2B) Office Assistant=run passes
3B) Marketing= watch YouTube videos/ do absolutely nothing
4B) Geo/Trig= TEST

Overall, it was an easy kind of a day, and guess what on Wed. and Friday my marketing class decided we are going to remake the Lady Gaga’s Telephone video. And… it might count as our final since it is Sports/ENTERTAINMENT Marketing! Cool huh!




When we got¬†home we were both craving¬†some more¬†Crazy Richards and soooo…..¬†


A yogurt mess was born, and look at that beauty in the middle!


¬†Tonight’s dinner consisted of fish-filet sandwiches, salad, and cheecha puffs!
It feels like Summer ūüôā

¬†Dessert: Chalene’s Special

  • sugar-free jello
  • sugar-free pudding
  • strawberries
  • graham cracker
  • white chocolate chips



 Well I am off to read this and finish my to-do list.



I hope that your mountain of a Monday was ok and that you have a Terrific Tuesday tomorrow!