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Woah, woah, woah… Hurry up!

19 May

 Happy Hump Day!

     This morning instead of having a late start like we do every Wednesday, we had to rush to school for our DECA Banquet. We woke up late still, so we just had a bar and maple coffee while getting ready. Then, we had to HURRY to school. We ended up being 10 min. late, and walked in quietly through the back as awards were going on. I guess you could say we were fashionably late. LOL. While there, they gave us mini muffins from “My favorite muffin, and we watched the music video’s we have been working on for our final.

        As promised, here is the music video remake my class made to Lady Gaga’s Telephone MV. Check it out! It is pretty hilarious, and if you look close I am on the right hand side behind some ppl in the group dances, and also I have a mug shot.

 Check out Prana!

**Verdict: Mango flavored bars are great, and Did you know Maca has been used as an energy simulant food by the Inca’s to increase endurance and stamina. Mango’s contain many antioxidants, 17 amino acids and are a good source of fiber.

While at school, parties were going on, and lets just say we overindulged and therefore had the worst Food babies. UGGG, not good! What happened to moderation and self-control?

Mid-morning snack: 


  • Whole Wheat La Tortilla Factory Tortilla smeared with mighty maple, Dark Chocolate PB, Dates, and Sugar Free Apricot Jam
  • 1 yogurt
  • Granola Cereal mixture for yogurt

 No afterschool snack was needed after all that munching at school, so instead we came home and got changed right away into workout clothes, then headed to Fitness 19. While there we did 3 miles including 15 min tread, 15 min elliptical, and then floorwork. It was a much need sweat sessh indeed.

After the gym we picked up a few things at the store, and then came home to make this Healthy dish:

-On the menu-

Grilled Salmon

Green Beans/Cauliflower/broccoli

Brown Rice

 *On top of the veggies we put some Garlic Mint Bolani Sauce. Divine!

 Finally, to pair was a Pomade 🙂

Well, we are tired, its been a long day, and I think its just time to Cut it short. Tomorrow is another day, and being healthy is a choice anyday. Enjoy the rest of your night, and don’t forget to enter the Easylunchboxes giveaway.

XOXO Court & Whit