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Peanut Butter Coma! X0

25 Mar

OMG, school is finally out! Only one more day till Spring Break, yayayay. Todays delivery’s prime and ready to review, well at least one of them were from the lovely people at Krema Products, and O’Water. Court and I were so excited, we probably looked like little kids on Christmas tearing open the package to see what goodies someone gave to them. lol

The Krema Products Company is one of the oldest Peanut Butter companies in the country, first being established in 1898. They have a strong reputation in the midwest for quality and freshness. Krema has been featured on the food network in Food Finds, and Unwrapped. Some health considerations are there are no added salt, sugar, or hydrogenated oils, no trans fats, gluten free, and VEGAN.

There were so many options on which to choose first, so I put them behind my back and Court mixed them up, and we ended up choosing Crazy Richard’s Creamy PB.

Would you look at those ingredients, nothing but Peanuts, so simple!

We used that bad boy, and some Sprouts Apple Cinnamon Bread(the best) to make a little afterschool snack.

PB Banana Honey Toast!

Verdict: This peanut butter is fantastic=) It was so creamy, and super easy to spread which means it would be great for baking, or just simply drizzling onto anything without having to heat it up. For sure going to make some cookies out of this.

To purchase some for yourself go to Kremaproducts.com and you can buy online, or look at the store locator for a location nearest you.

Time to go workout, it is Cardio recovery day, 3o min to do a body good!

XOXO Court and Whit ♥