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Namaste = Giveaway!

30 Jul

Do you love cupcakes as much as Whit and I do? We have been addicted to the new show “DC Cupcakes” on TLC lately. Katherine and Sophie are sisters and they own a cupcake show called Georgetown Cupcakes. These ladies are unbelievably talented. I think it would be incredible to have a job where you decorate cupcakes all day. Especially with your sister! How cool is that 🙂 Everytime I watch this show it makes me want to bake… and that is exactly what we did last night!  



Namaste Foods recently gave Whit and I the option to sample two products for free. So after debating over the many amazing products that this company offers, we decided on their Toffee Vanilla Frosting Mix and their Muffin Mix.

 Namaste is a company dedicated to creating delicious allergen free foods.
-Their products contain no wheat, gluten, corn, soy, potato, dairy or nuts.

You get more for your money.
-All of Namaste cake mixes contain two rounds as opposed to one in traditional cake mixes.

For more info. about this company visit: https://www.namastefoods.com/shopping/storefront/cgi-bin/news.cgi?Category=About%20Us


Whit and I decided to put these two products to use by making iced toffee nut muffins. I prepared the muffins while Whit made the frosting.  

 Let’s first take a look at the ingredient list. I was in awe that such a simple ingredient list could whip up such awesome cupcakes! With this ingredient list, I just followed the directions on the back of the package verbatim. It said to add eggs and water so I did. I did not want to chance messing up anything.

 These nutritional stats rock!

While the muffins were in the oven I decided to snap some pictures of the frosting!

 Once again such a simple ingredient list 😉


Homemade frosting is the best! And it is so fun to make…

Just look at that thickness… this is what you call REAL frosting!


 Once the muffins came out of the oven then I let them cool.

 Can you see the melted toffee chips?


Once the muffins were cool Whit and I had a frosting party and went to town. It is crazy but there is no way to frost ugly with this frosting. You just slather it on and it molds to the muffin perfectly!

 I must say that these take the cake lol!

 The frosting MADE these muffins. I saw Namaste foods the other day at Whole Foods so I definitely will be buying this frosting again for the next big event. Seriously guys if you want to impress somebody with a delicious homemade cake or cupcakes then buy this frosting mix! When I first looked at the ingredient list I was a little skeptical, but this really tastes like Toffee! YUM 😛


I do not know what it is about Fridays, but Whit and I always end up having pancakes or waffles! This mornings special was Van’s Belgian Waffles. We topped ours with plain greek yogurt, pumpkin, stevia, chocolate pb, and kashi.

 Fridays are the best 🙂


Today Whit and I went shopping with our mom all day. We went all over town looking for baby shower stuff. The shower is not until October, but there is so much to do! The party is going to be at our house. My mom always likes everything to be perfect so we have to start shopping when there are good deals, getting the house in tip-top shape, and planning. It is fun but also stressful. When we got home from shopping Ash was taking a nap. She had work all day so she was exhausted, but being the good sisters that we are we dragged her out of bed to workout. lol 🙂


For dinner we had chicken tacos. When you do not know what to make then tacos never fail in this household. We found the new Sun-Dried Tomato Laughing Cow so that is what I put in my taco. It was superb! 


 Now on to some more EXCITING NEWS! The lovely Sally Richards at Namaste foods not only was generous enough to allow us to review her companies products, but to hold a giveaway 🙂

 **Enter for a chance to win a Namaste Tote with perhaps a pasta mix and a baking mix, coupons, literature and assorted goodies!**

Ways to enter: US RESIDENTS ONLY(sorry to all of our foreign readers!)

1. Bake some goodies and leave a link to your post!

2. Tell other people about our giveaway. This can be on your blog, twitter, or facebook. Once again leave a comment telling us you did so and a link.

3. Check out Namaste’s website www.namastefoods.com  and tell us about a product that you want to try, and what that you would use it for.

4. Tell us about your favorite products you use for healthy baking 🙂

5. Follow us or dd us to your blog roll and leave a comment say you did so.

You can enter a max of 3 times so get to it!  This Giveaway will end next sunday August 8th at midnight.


Team Jacob all the way baby

2 Jul

Hello From the beautiful mountains of Colorado, where we will be staying tonight for the madre’s b-day. The girl has got to Gamble. Since we are clearly not old enough, Court and I will be hanging out in the hotel room looking at magazines, reading, and of course blog surfing. The internet totally beats out the TV any day.

This morning we woke up at 5 AM and got our tired booty’s to the gym for a Friday Bootcamp style workout. Fast intervals, then intense strength training broke out the sweat today. There were not nearly as many people there as usual, which was nice. Maybe people just like to sleep in on Friday, or just take a break for the Holiday weekend. Who knows, all I know is we got a kick butt workout in bright and early.

Thanks to a great breakfast suggestion on Twitter the other day, Court and I were able to create Pure bliss for b-fast this morning. We made a “Fro-yo Waffle Sandwich. “

“Protein Fro-yo Waffle Sandwich”

  • 2 whole grain frozen waffles
  • 1/2 frozen banana
  • heaping 1/4 cup plain greek yogurt
  • 1/2 tbs Cookies N’ Cream Protein Powder
  • 1/2 tbs Chocolate Protein powder
  • Splash of almond milk
  1. Put the yogurt, banana, protein powder, and almond milk all into a blender or food processor and blend till it is a “Fro-yo” consistency.
  2. Put in a container in the freezer for about 10 min
  3. Toast your waffles
  4. Spread the froyo on one side, and close to enjoy your Protein Fro-yo Waffle Sammie 🙂

MMM, seriously I would call it Dessert for breakfast. Now go and make it!

After enjoying this mouthwatering b-fast, we took showers and headed to the 10 AM matinae showing of the Eclipse. Finally!!! Oh my goodness, could Jacob be any cuter? Whew, I totally wish this hunk of eye candy was my boyfriend. hahaha. The sista’s and I are all Team Jacob 🙂 This movie was soooooo good, and it makes me want to read the last book now, to see who she chooses.

Power bagels are an amazing fruit and Nut Bagel our work has to offer, and they are just simply Fabulous. Since it is Friday and all a carbalicious bagel was screaming “eat me” for lunch. So Court and I split one (Honey butter on one side, Honey nut cream cheese on the other) along with a mini yogurt mess. It was a Yogel meal, ya know…?

Finally…the cake picture you have been awaiting~

With Wei-Wei’s question on what is some of our mom’s favorite food lately, it sparked a great Cake theme for me. She has been loving her Nestle Drumsticks lately, or like she likes to call them “NuttyBuddy’s,” so we created a cookies n’ cream cake with some real looking drumsticks. pretty good right? Stuffed inside of each of those cones is marshmallows, and then it is covered with frosting and nuts. It looks darn believable to me.  

Yeah well it is Friday, Dinner is Buffet style in the Casino tonight, and we will be here, so if you want to talk shoot us a question, comment, e-mail, etc. Happy B-day Mommy!!! And also Happy 18th B-day to a fellow blogger friend Killian, whose birthday is tomorrow.

Hope ya’ll have a snazzy 4th of July weekend!

XOXO Cohitney♥

Oh what time can do to a fellow

18 Jun

Happy Friday Friends 🙂 

        So basically this morning, we were in the mindset that we had work at 7, when really we had it at 8. Our older sister Karstee, came into my room and was like what time did you have to get up. I said 5, and looked that the clock read 5:25. Then, in panic I ran across the bathroom to courts room(Jack in Jill). I woke her up immediately, and then we were rushing and going crazy like idiots washing our faces. LOL. Then like 2 min later Courtney said “Whit we don’t even have work till 8!” We felt stupid…proof that you really don’t think straight in the first couple minutes you wake up. HAHA, wow since we were already up, we just decided to go downstairs and have an earlier breakfast. Our morning combo consisted of Strawberry protein overnight oats, and a homemade iced white chocolate mocha.

Strawberry protein Over night oats

  •  1/2 cup oats
  • 1/4 cup plain Coconut Kefir
  • 1/4 cup unsweetened almond milk
  • 1 tbs Jay Robb Strawberry Whey protein
  • 2 big spoonfuls of plain greek yogurt

In the morning added:

  • 1/2 tbs goji/silvered almonds
  • 1/2 tbs mighty maple PB
  • handful of kashi berry granola cereal
  • 1/2 100 cal pack yogurt covered pretzels (6 in total)

 WOW a really good combo. And the pretzels tasted like white chocolate 🙂


  • Veggie Morningstar chicken nugget salad
  • PB maple protein bar
  • Sugar free chocolate pudding (With cherries/kashi to mix in)~like chocolate covered cherries


 When we got home, Court and I fueled up with an unpictured yogurt mess, because it was so HHHHOOOOTTTTT!!! Nothing but cold creamy yogurt sounded any better. Then, when Ashley got home we went and picked up our dad’s B-day and fathers day Present. All of which included a lot of Golf stuff and some of his favorite things like a goodtimes giftcard, and Goodnplenty’s(he is obsessed with those gross tasting candies).


  • Fruit and nut powerbagel topped with honey nut cream cheese, and honey butter
  • Egg white spinach scramble~Green chile on top

 Fun Fact Friday

We have not really done Fun-Fact Friday in a while, so I thought we should do one for fun tonight. Courtney and I have thought about starting our own clothing line at one point together, and me(whit) being the great artist I am drew out a ton of designs in all of my sketchbooks. The brand name we came up with was “Cohitney.”  Just combining our names actually sounded great. And a possible logo we thought of was “More than just beauty.” I was going to post what  one of the designs looked like, but the computer is not letting me.

We are going to a really awesome amusement park in Golden tomorrow, and a yummalicious Crepe place for breakfast. YAY!

Have  a lovely weekend guys!

XOXO~Whit ♥