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3 hours of brakes plus! no no no…

1 Jun

Tuesday 6/1/10

OMG Its June, and the last week of school! I never thought that I would get to finals week. It just seemed like the count down went on and on lol. Well since the weather has been in the mid-¬†80’s for the past two weeks, warm oats have been much too warm for these hott days. It has been making me overheat! So this morning I still had my oats, but they were some cold, soupy, overnight oats.

Here was the mix:

  • 1/2 cup of oats + 1/2 cup of almond milk(the night before to soak)
  • 1/2 cup of greek yogurt
  • 1/4 cup of bolthouse mocha drink
  • 1/2 apple nuked
  • cinnamon
  • pb

It looks like a swamp, but it tastes amazing! I think maybe some blueberry overnight oats are in store for tomorrow ūüėõ

Look at that pool of goodness…


Today was our last “A” day for this year. So when we got out early we headed over to our big ol’ Einsteins and had my new fav….

 Peach Mango Bagel and Peach Mango cream cheese
This bagel is sooo¬†good! It looks like a glazed donut, and it has got little pieces of dried peaches and mangos. It also kind of taste like some turbinado¬†is in there. And then the cream cheese is to die for. I could literally eat this stuff off a spoon. It tastes like frosting with hints of pineapple. So yummy! This was probably not the best thing for you, but hey we’re teens and sometimes some things just have to slide ūüôā


We got our lunch to go then we headed to the Brakes Plus down the street to get our car fixed. Over the weekend the struts got fixed which was $800 dollars, but then they told us the brackets needed fixing too so the guy only charged us for the labor and not the parts this time and that was another $240 dollars. There ya go just like that all these months I have been working just paid for those two things lol. Oh well it was well worth it because on the way home it was smooth riding, instead of our car sounding like it is going to break over every little bump. Plus this Summer when we are working full time, we will hopefully earn all of that money back in no time!

Our car ended up taking 3 1/2 hours to fix, so Whit and I just sat in the Cafe and worked on our History take home final test together(yes this is the only class that we have together at school). 


When we finally got home, around 4 o’ clock we were pretty hungry, so we both had an apricot heart.

**Verdict: I like this flavor more than the lemon poppyseed, but who knows it could just be that I am liking all of these tropical flavors today lol.




Check out Whits cute new outfit that she got from Abercrombie! I adore their actual clothes more than their brand name apparel.


So apparently there is a teen fitness magazine. Who knew right? So look at what they have going on, FREE gym memberships for teens 13-17. Check it out to see if your state has a FREE gym near you.

Have you ever wondered what a celebrity’s meal plan looks like? hmm maybe Ashley Tisdale by chance? After looking in an old magazine this is her eating plan:

  • Breakfast- Grapefruit, egg-white omelet, and whole-wheat toast
  • Lunch- Spinach salad w/ grilled chicken and an extra helping og veggies
  • Dinner-¬†Fish or chicken w/ saut√©ed veggies
  • Snacks- Kashi bars, raw unsalted almonds, frozen grapes(which we have tried, and they are fabulous), or a plateful of veggies drizzled with honey
  • Fav. dessert¬†A smoothie made with raw cacao, peanut butter, low-fat milk, a banana, and protein powder

Well, it is time to go make some dinner, and chillax. Hope all is well. What are everyone’s plans for the week/weekend?

XOXO Court & Whit‚ô•