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Happy Birthday daddy!

21 Jun

 Happy Birthday to the best Daddy around!

        Today was a throw the rule book out the window kind of day the eats were definitely not the typical. We ate what we were craving, and just kinda went with it. You know what we mean Yesno? Wei Wei so gonna use that phrase. lol So with that said breakfast consisted of some Apple Cinnamon Coffee Cake with an icy cold “kid size” glass of milk. Yup, and it was fantastic!

 Onto lunch we met up with our mommy at Qdoba for her lunch break. The grilled chicken Quesidilla sounded good, so some pico de gallo was thrown inside. And there was some Guac dippage of course.


After lunch we drove home to our long awaiting package Turbo Fire. Yay Chalene Johnson just barely released this great program on www.beachbody.com and it is a 90 day program filled with High Intensity Interval Training. Just like Insanity. And all I will say if we can complete Insanity for all those days, then this should be easy. Right? LOL hopefully chalene is crazy, but so is Shaun T. After ripping open the package we were so excited to start Day 1. So we did! The cardio was 30 min, and then there was a stretching portion we had to do following. Day 1 Verdict- Love, love, love this program. There was a lot of kickboxing, and we were having so much fun that the time just flew by. By the end we were sweating, and it was a great change for our muscles. I am really looking forward to the rest of the program. We are waking up early to do one of the HIIT workouts for Day 2 before work, because we have a girls night planned at Pink Berry for afterwork tomorrow.  Speaking of more Summer Shape-up stuff, we are going to start weight lifting more, after finding this great site Via Lynn. 

Dad loves our Buffalo Chicken pizza, so that were the requests from the birthday boy tonight. Along some Garlic toast, and fresh fruit.

 And to finish off with his favorite, German Chocolate Cake with Blue bunny Vanilla Ice-cream.

Well, these eats either grossed you out, or made you drool. Lol. For us they were just what the doctor ordered. Pure satisfaction. Gotta go read some more of The Last Song, then head to bed to get a good nights rest for an intense cardio sweat sessh, and a 9 hr. shift on our feet to follow. Have a great night.

XOXO Court & Whit♥♥♥