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Things are finally happening

11 Oct

“There comes a time in life, when you walk away from all the drama and people who create it. Surround yourself with people who make you laugh, forget the bad, and focus on the good. Love the people who treat you right. Pray for the ones who don’t. Life is too short to be anything but happy. Falling down is part of life, getting back up is living.”

This quote truly sums up how I have felt since I began to follow my dreams. There are those people in my life who have told me countless times “you can’t” “you’ll never make it” “your not good enough” “It will never happen” And you know what, I took all of that negative talk from all of those people and turned it into my biggest drive to prove them wrong, because guess what I can already turn to them and say look at me now! I walked away from the negativity, I walked away from those who did not treat me right, and I stood up for MYSELF! That takes a lot for any person to do, but I can honestly say it was WORTH it.

Right now I am 3 months into my training to be a certified Personal trainer, and I have learned a tremendous amount of information. My networking is through the roof in this industry, and best of all I have met some of the coolest people who I consider to be a fitness family.

Yesterday was a really exciting day, because Court and I ran our very first bootcamp, and let me tell you guys it was BAD ASS!!! We recieved a ton of compliments, people had a lot of fun, and our instructor even said that he was stealing that workout to use with some of his own clients. Everything ran smoothly, and it felt right.

Oh yeah and before I go.. Heres a fun workout playlist for you all! It was a hit at our bootcamp. 🙂




It’s been quite the year!

16 Jul

First….how about we FF>>> through a year of pics to get ya’ll somewhat up to date where we are at in life.

Whit had quite the job dilemma. There was Einsteins, Lifetime Fitness, Einsteins, Lifetime, both… IT WAS AN EXHAUSTING MESS

And then finally Einsteins. We were split up for quite a few months, then reunited once more at a completely different store than we have worked at the past two years. This store has taken some getting used to considering it was ALL BOYS! We spiced the place up a bit though, and can now say we are like one of the dudes.  We are the ultimate manager duo. Watch out!

Well Court and Michael finally split after a pretty long 10 month relationship. Things were getting rocky, and Court found that she was losing herself.

Meanwhile, Whit found love this past year. Meet Clint. 🙂

There was a lot of boy drama and craziness this year. After a few months from splitting from Michael, court started to live her own little fairytale. A certain cutie named Isaac who was beyond romantic asked her out in the cutest way! He cored an apple and put it on our windshield. It’s a long cute story, but lets just say the way they met had to deal with apples. Hehehe.

Don’t know about you guys, but we are kind of Instagram Addicts. It is the coolest pic app by far!

With the whole mess of our employment this year, we attempted to get out of  Einstein’s and find office jobs. There were millions of interviews, and a lot of disappointment to say the least.

Our hairstylist is the coolest gay guy on the planet! And his coloring is the best I’ve seen.  We experimented with our hair like crazy thanks to him. It is fun to change up your color, or play up highlights.

Along with Experimentation, Whit Pierced her lip.  So she now has her ears, cartilidge, nose, and lip. She’s a little cray cray.

We turned 19 this year, and it was a RAGE. Seriously, the most fun and insane bday we have ever had.

Car troubles were beyond annoying. First up, someone backed into our lexus while we were at work, then drove off! A** Holes. So that was a pretty $800 repair. Then, Whit blew out our tire on the Honda on the interstate, and well…that led to having Pink Wheels for that car. Haha, funny how things work out.

We kicked some serious booty with school this past year. I’m talking 13-15 Credits a semester, on top of working full time. Working out was very limited at the time, and we felt like we were gaining a freshman 15…I blame ANATOMY. That class was twice a week, for 4 hrs. Court passed with a C, and Whit was lucky to pass with ONE POINT!

ANATOMY took up pretty much all our studying. We were learning chapter after chapter, meanwhile staying hours in the lab.

During Finals week, we were beyond excited to be ALMOST DONE with the school year from HELL.

Yeah Check out them HAWT Wheels. We’re pretty cool…I mean who else has Pink Wheels. ummm NO ONE!!

With all our good guy friends, we decided to learn how to fix up our own cars. Here whit is replacing our brakes when they went out.

College Parties were pretty awesome this year. Just Saying. Here from Left to right is Nikki, Court, Dave, Whit, and Isaac.

After feeling like we were completely out of shape from such a rough school year, we decided to join a fitness group. Say hello to our new addiction called “Fitness in the City.” We work out with these rockstars twice a week, bootcamp style, and it kicks your butt!

On top of that we have been turbo kickin it up with JD and Chalene. Have you met them? WE HAVE.

How it is even possible to get grounded at 19 is beyond me, but yeah it happened. Here was our lil nephew Ty’s reaction when we told him “your aunties are grounded!” He might have been in more shock then us. LOL

You guys all met Dave a few post back, well it is very sad, but he moved away last week. He now lives in Portland. He was Whit’s gay husband, and it is pretty sad. He was the best of the best girlfriends you could have.

Little Ty Ty is such a big boy now! He is about a year and a half! He’s walking, running, talking.

Any say hello to nephew number two.  Meet Eric. 🙂

I must say we have the two cutest little nephews in the world!

This Summer we have been taking advantage of all the fitness BEAUTIFUL Colorado offers. We have been hiking, biking, rafting.

 And Fitness on the Rocks at Red Rocks.

Hello Gorgeous Readers,

We figured it has been way way way too long, and we are completely past due for a blog post, so we are here to say we kinda sorta missed you guys. This past year off from blogging was insane, and when I say insane, I mean we both pretty much lost our shit, but that whole school year of hell, and those hours of work we put in are truly paying off in the moment. As you can see from the pictures above we had quite the year! HAHA Ok, so you might be wondering, why would we even come back to blogging after taking off for so long. In all honesty, we both talked and missed it like CRAZY! It’s fun to share all of our thoughts and lifestyles with people all around the world who can relate. With starting to blog again, you will find all of our post will not be mainly focused on food as what it was before. Instead our new direction will show the 19 year old Court and Whit who lead an all around healthy balanced young life. We are quickly approaching our twenties, and just about finishing up our associates degrees. We want to show you what it is like to live in the beautiful Denver, CO. We will talk about trendy places we like to hangout, the fitness groups we have joined, the boys we are dating, the college life, deals and steals since we are pretty amazing shoppers, and the continued journey to becoming Personal Trainers. Stay Tuned!!

XOXO Court& Whit