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Oh man, I’m in such a coffee coma :P

18 May

Tuesday- May 18th

Oh man, I have such a caffeine jolt right now! Today was an “A” day aka our early day, and we had a work meeting at the big ol’ Einstein Bro’s at 1:00 pm. It was basically just a training because it went from 1:00 -4:30 pm. Our boss made it at that time just so that Whit and I could still make it to the meeting 😛 We were having this training because our store(the busiest one in the u.s.) and one other Einstein’s are introducing a whole new coffee program. In an attempt to compete with Starbucks, our company purchased a $15,000 dollar coffee dream machine.

The whole layout of the store has completely received a makeover, and tomorrow we introduce a few new coffee drinks, one being the White Chocolate Mocha which I love! This machine is the shizz. It can make anything and everything. All you have to do is press buttons. It grinds the espresso beans for you, froths the milk to perfection, heats it to exactly 150 degrees, ect. We all paired up at work and each had to make coffee/tea/hot chocolate/ chai tea, until we made every single drink on the menu. The women training us gave us samples of each so that we could get familiar with the taste, texture, aroma. This way when a customer asks for a drink we already know anything and everything there is to know about that particular drink. Any who after all of that taste testing, I am bouncing off the walls. That is clearly WAY too much caffeine for me! lol   



Well now on to the eats of the day. Whit and I both woke up late so we thought of something quick…. oats were definitely out of the picture because it was a billion degrees in the house when we woke up. So a blueberry alternative bagel and yogurt mess it was.

Shmeared on top was nothing other that some more Mighty Maple PB

**Bagel Verdict: This bagel toasted was amazing. The blueberry were all warm and gushy just the way I like them!



Lunch was also a quickie meal because we had to get to our meeting. So I whipped up one of my famous fruit salads with the addition of KIWI!


Crumbled over the top was our Bare Fruit Apple Chips we got sent. I love these things. They make the perfect salad topper 🙂


On the side was a Pear Ginseng Prana Bar. These bars are truly the greatest! They help keep you regular and keep you full for hours.

**Verdict: I loved the great fruity taste! I was a little scared that sesame seeds mixed with in a sweet bar would be gross, but it just tasted nutty and great :)\\


And finally the star of the show was this pink lady drizzled with…. you named it MIGHTY MAPLE! What can I say, I am obsessed lol.



Dinner consisted of a whole wheat wrap stuffed with barley, chicken, leftover chile verde, and queso. It was so simple!

Well I am off to study. Don’t forget to enter our easy lunch box giveaway here. Toodles!

~Court and Whit

QOD: Have you ever been to Einstein Bros? If so what is your favorite bagel/coffee drink?

Monkey Brains PLEASE!

31 Mar

Tuesday- 3/30

This morning Whit and I needed something quick and easy…..(since we are on day 4 of work) so what did we do? We pulled out our instant Monkey Brain Oats of course! We decided to have a strawberry packet with almond butter would be a good combo :0

*One packet has 170 calories (not bad, you barely have to add any toppings because it tastes so good!)

 Here was the combo with a green tea latte.

 We topped ours with:

  • fresh strawberries
  • banana chips
  • white choc. chips
  • almond butter
  • cinnamon
  • silvered almonds

 So creamy and delish! This is probably my second favorite oatmeal next to pumkin lol.


After breakfast we rushed to get to work. Today we did not have to work until 8 am, but surprisingly the road we take to work was far more busier than yesterday when we left earlier. Weird, huh! 



PRODUCT REVIEW= Bare Fruit Snacks 

Another package arrived the other day! This time it was from Bare Fruit Snacks. They were very generous and sent us cinnamon apple chips, granny smith apple chips, fuji apple chips, and dried pears to review. Here are some facts from their website about their products:

1. 100% Organic – Bare Fruit dried apple chips and fruit snacks are made from Certified 100% Organic Fruit, ensuring that you are getting healthy pesticide free snacks for you and your family. Even the cinnamon we use in our cinnamon apple chips is 100% organic.
2. Healthy Snack – Nature always provides healthy fruits, at Bare Fruit we just bake-dry them making the fruit easier to take with you.
3. Baked, Not Fried – Bare Fruit is cored, sliced and baked in wood-burning ovens for over 10 hours, at a very low temperature, to preserve nutrients, freshness, and taste.
4. Low in calories, high in fiber and naturally sweet.
5. No additives
6. No preservatives
7. No added sugar
8. GMO Free (Genetically Modified Organism). The fruit that Bare Fruit uses in their dried fruit snacks comes from trees and plants from the original seed stock and not from scientifically engineered plants.
9. Low Fat and Fat Free contents
10. Cholesterol Free
11. 1 yr long shelf life with no refrigeration required
12. Meets the recommended servings per day of fresh fruits / vegetables required by the USDA
13. Meets all the federal and state healthy nutritional standards for schools and venders
14. Grown and/or Manufactured under Bare Fruit’s total supervision
15. Grown and/or packaged in the USA
16. Bare Fruit Snacks are kosher. (what is kosher?)
17. Gluten Free
18. Finally, purchasing Bare Fruit Snacks is easy at our online store!

 Whit and I decided to try the cinnamon apple chips first. We packed them in our lunch for today at work 🙂 

Also in our lunch was a sandwich thin with a french onion laughing cow wedge, spinach, turkey, and red bell peppers. 

Cinnamon Apple Chips VERDICT: Will if you love apples with cinnamon, these are even BETTER. They are crunchy, sweet, and satisfying. I will most definitely be using these to make apple pie lara bars. To find out more info. or buy some of your own visit  http://www.barefruitsnacks.com 

We had the last of our Blueberry Coconut Bars for dessert! These are the best. 



Whit and I were scheduled until 2:30 today, but labor was too high and we volunteered ourselves to go home. We were both unbelieveably tired, our feet/back/legs all were aching, and we just wanted to enjoy the nice weather! Today Colorado was at a high of 77 degrees. The weather anchors said that was a new record for this time of the year. It felt so good, we were finally enthawing after so many cold days. There was just as much traffic after work as there was on the way there, so we blasted our ipod in the car while we sat there. It made the time fly. Of course Miley was the majority of the songs in honor of her movie “The Last Song” coming out tommorow. I cannot wait!



When Whit and I got home we wanted to get our Insanity tape done as fast as we could before we could collapse from work. Today’s workout was Max Interval Circuit(55 min. of fun pain)


When we were done, we were parched and our muscles were aching. We decided to whip up a protein shake that You Bar sent us to repair and refuel our muscles. This one was the Blended Bliss. One pack contains 110 calories. The ingredients are as follows: Whey Protein, Organic Cane Juice, Organic Strawberries, Organic Bananas, Organic Vanilla. Here is a little more info. about the company:

  • You choose the ingredients and the size for your bars, cereal, trail mix, cookies, or shakes 
  • You view the nutrition facts of your product while you are creating it.
  • Your box of your custom product is hand made fresh-to-order and shipped to your door with a satisfaction guarantee. Your customized nutrition facts and your chosen product name are printed on each individual bar package.

This website is awesome, where else are you going to be able to customize everything. Check it out:


We also decided to try a few of our our samples from Doctor Kracker: Cherry Semolina and Apple Crisps 

Our shake included the following :

-We split the You Shake mix
-1/4 cup of plain yogurt
-a spoonful of almond butter
-splash of milk
-handful of frozen stawberries
-handful of ice

We also topped our Krackers with pumpkin butter! 

VERDICT: These were sweet little crunchy treats. The cherry one was my favorite, the dried cherries and crunchiness was the best part. Also the pumpkin butter on top made them even better! 

And finally the shake: This shake should be called Strawberry Bliss instead. It was so creamy and tasted like PURE strawberries. 

It felt like I was drinking a stawberry milkshake.  


After our snack Whit and I cleaned the house with our mom for a few hours. It was exhausting. Then Whit and I made a repeat of our chicken alfredo pizza from the other day.


We split a garlic and her Nann Flatbread to make this beauty lol.
Everyone needs to try this brand, it is literally the fluffiest crust you will ever try for pizza.  

Alongside our pizza we split a can of progresso Light Italian Vegetable. 


Well I am off to go and watch some TV and relax, and finally enjoy my spring break. Guess What tommorow no work! You know what that means… we get to sleep in. Yay!