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Triple Threat!

13 Apr

During Third period today, my tummy was a rumbling, so a Luna PB cookie bar was eaten.

Right when we pulled up to the house after school our mom came running outside all excited. She was all “Come on girls, hurry, come inside!” lol My brother and her went baby clothes shopping all day today. And she bought some really cute stuff too. The woman sure knows how to shop! In the mail today, we received a large Package from Chobani. We have been dying to try this yogurt for months, and the fridge ‘s yogurt stash is empty, so we were pretty darn excited. They sent us one of each of their flavors. 🙂

So this afternoon’s snack was a triple Threat Yogurt Mess:

  • Split a Honey Chobani Yogurt
  • Add:

*Bakery on Main Granola

*Half of Banana Nut Kardea bar

*The tiny last of our other Greek yogurt

**Verdict: Chobani-Thank you Chobani! This greek yogurt was thick, and not watery at all like some other greek yogurts can be, and the honey had the perfect hint of sweetness. Kardea Banana Nut Bar- Woah, this bar tasted like real banana nut bar, and delicious with the creamy honey combo. Bakery On main “Nutty Cranberry Maple”- MMM, who knew that cranberries could be so good with maple flavored 🙂 *** Yummy snack, with lots of good products.

Mixed all together!

 This yogurt mess was eaten in the car on the way to our brother’s house. When we got there, we all helped him organize and declutter stuff. He has alot of stuff to do to get ready for this baby, and he needs some good ol’ family help. Court and I organized his entire Linen closet which was a disaster to begin. And now, it looks perfection, with even two shelves open now for anything else to be stored. While we were there, our older sis Ashey asked to pet the cat, and it CLAWED her all down her whole arm! Now she has the biggest scratch ever, and her arm looks all puffed out, not a pretty sight. Out of all of us that went over there, I am the only one not allergic to cats, so we left in a big fat hurry. Court, Ash, and my mom’s eyes were all watering, and poor Courtney was sneezing like crazy. It was not a pretty sight. lol.

For dinner tonight everyone was craving Qdoba, so my mom gave us her card, and we went and picked up food for everyone. I hadn’t tried their naked burrito yet, so that’s what me, court, and my mom all got. My dad got the Steak Burrito, and Karstee got a chicken cheese quesidilla. I ♥ Qdoba, they know how to make some mean burrito’s, esp. their queso one.

 Got any questions for us? About twins, life, etc? Ask away 🙂

XOXO Whit and Court ♥