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Hot Fitness Trend: Makeup designed specifically to workout in!! Ya dig that?

30 Oct



Nobody wants to have their gorgeous glammed out face melting off during a workout..Right ladies?!? I mean racoon eyes just ain’t that cute. Waterproof foundation makeup does something that no other cosmetic can do. It allows you to sweat it out at the gym, swim, and enjoy a warm day at the beach without worrying about it coming off or smearing onto your clothes. Apply in the morning and your skin will look flawless all day.  Even women who prefer water-based foundations have this one on hand for those special days when they want to look great with a minimum of effort.

Gym-friendly products. If you’re a makeup maven and can’t stand to go cosmetic-free, even for an hour or two, do your skin a favor and make a compromise. Replace your usual cosmetic repertoire with long-lasting formulas that won’t clog your pores. Wondering where to find makeup that has marathon potential when it comes to lasting through a workout? Here are a few top tips.

  • Cream foundation. While liquid foundation streaks during a hot yoga session and powder will most likely disappear completely, a long-lasting cream formula will stay better on the skin. According to makeup artist Mary Erickson for ABC News, “It’s going to sit nicely on the skin and won’t move if you sweat.” Make sure it’s oil-free and doesn’t clog pores – a common problem when wearing foundation during a workout. Try Colorescience PRO Sheer Creme Foundation – California Girl, which also includes sun protection – essential for those workouts outside. 
  • Lip color. Skip the heavy matte lipstick, and instead go for a tinted gloss or balm that’ll leave your lips looking healthy and full. On ABC News, Stila’s Amanda Rozelle recommends using moisturizing products that won’t dry out the skin or lips further than a workout already will. “If you use a regular lipstick with pigment, it will dry your lips. You don’t want that when you’re biking or working out. So I recommend using a gloss or glaze.” Try Stila Lip Glaze – Plumfor both moisture and shine. 
  • Mascara. Eyeliner and shadow most likely won’t stand up to the heat of an aerobic workout, and aren’t necessary at the gym. Waterproof mascara is your best bet when it comes to eye makeup. Look for a smudge-proof formula like bareMinerals Flawless Defintion Waterproof Mascara.

Wearing makeup to workout is a very controversial topic however. From a make up artist perspective who also works out “When we exercise we increase the volume of blood to our skin.  Exercise gets our skin warmer and opens our pores wider. When our pores are open wider, makeup, along with sweat, can clog them as well as attract bacteria. A person that exercises regularly produces more skin cells; with clogged pores, over time, this will not happen. By wearing makeup to exercise on a regular basis, your skin will become dull, get clogged pores, and might produce pimples and irritated skin.”

Court and I are both guilty of wearing makeup while working out though, and sometimes it is not always waterproof. The results have varied, but there are some weeks where we both get a lot of acne because of it. So with that said I am scoping out all kinds of products and experimenting to find what works best for me! 🙂



Level Up Your Body!

27 Oct

Accountability: Actions toward or involving others that reflect the integrity of the person you want to be. If there is anything I have learned on my fitness journey thus far, it is this. Everyone has goals, but not everyone achieves those goals. I believe if enough stress and focus is put on those goals they will always be met. So starting today I challenge every one of you to introduce accountability into your lives. Make a to do list RIGHT NOW and getter done!

With that said…let’s take a tour of SlimKicker!

>SlimKicker is a FREE website to sustain motivation with your diet/weight loss goals(:

“But diet, and fitness are half of the battle. Most people regain weight because they never learn long-term habits. We solve this by taking habits as quitting soda, and turning them into 7-30 day challenges. Like a regular game, the challenges start out easy, and gradually become harder, with more points. We encourage you to check-in daily with others doing the same challenge for accountability and social support.”

What they offer:


WORTH checking out…not only are you tracking your calories, but you are overcoming challenges as well!

Have fun and please share a goal below!!

XO Court

It’s been a Hell of a week!

25 Jul

Man guys, we have had quite the week. There was a crazy hobo man who tried to jump into our car, the Aurora Shooting, Fitness On the Rocks, and a ridiculous car accident. Wheww!!! Too much for one week.

So first up…let us tell you about that crazy hobo who tried to crawl into our car. Whit and I arrived to our fitness in the city workout about 20 minutes early, and decided to roll down the windows and listen to music for a lil’ bit. All was good for about two minutes when I noticed a cracked out man carrying a bunch of CD’s slowly approaching our car. With that said, I did not hesitate to tell Whit to roll up the windows…BUT did she listen to me??? Nahhh. It did not take long before this guys head was all the way in the passenger seat window and about 2 inches away from my face. Instantly my heart started pounding. After attempting to sell us his CD’s and making very vulgar comments Whit finally stepped in and said something along the lines of, “Get your head out of my car before I roll it up in the window”! Carrying a purse, he still tried to get money from us, but luckily we were just across the street from class and were able to get ourselves out of that scary situation before feeling completely defenseless.

As if Colorado has not suffered enough this Summer with the whole state practically being on fire, there is also the horrible Century 16 shooting that occurred the other night in our hometown, Aurora. That night is absolutely insane how things turned out for us. So we had worked a long 10 hour day on Thursday, and Whit had to rush from work to an interview, that she totally rocked. From there, we headed to a free personal training session that we had at Orange Theory Fitness (More details about this awesome place to come in another post). When we got out of our workout, which was around 8:30, we contemplated whether or not to go see the Dark Night Rises for the opening night showing. Keep in mind, we open every Friday morning, meaning we have to be at work at 4 AM!  So Court said “This would be an unforgettable night Whit, we can always remember when we are older that we stayed out all night, saw the opening night of an incredible movie, and then went straight to work with no sleep!” Going through my head was I don’t know about that, I have stayed up all night with no sleep and worked a 16 hour day….NOT FUN AT ALL. So I said to Court well it could be fun, we can call around and see what theater is not sold out yet and go. Well we get home, start feeling our soreness and exhaustion, then both decided we should be responsible adults and just go to bed and get our sleep for work. Turns out, the only theater not sold out of tickets was Century 16, and we could have gone and been a part of that horrible tragedy. Century 16 is a theater very close to our house, and Court and I have been there quite a few times this past year. It is very scary to think we could have been there, or even been one of the twelve who did not make it. In the end,  we are very very blessed, and thank god every day that us and our family are safe. At the same time, have the biggest heart aches for all the victims and their families, they have and will continue to be in our prayers.

Fitness on the Rocks at Red Rocks was Phenomenal! We signed up for Turbo Kick with Jennifer Driscoll, and Ultimate Boot camp. It was a hot one on Saturday, about a little over a 100 degrees, but Court and I still looked cute. We were rocking some blinging Pink Sparkly head bands and our Fitness on the Rocks Tanks. We woke up early, packed gallons of water, bars, and apples, and then headed up there. It is a really awesome free event, and there were many companies with tents set up, where we received all kinds of goodies. Both workouts were so much fun, and we even ran into a bunch of our fitness buddies there.

The ride home is where the car accident occurred. Since it costed about $9 to take the freeway to Red Rocks then we decided the last minute to take all the back roads home. BAADDDDD IDEA!! Our directions ended up taking us through the worlds worst most ghetto neighborhood. We were driving on through this neighborhood for about 15 minutes when we approached a four-way stop. It was our turn to go. When we start rolling on through…. all of a sudden this Subaru flies through and smashes into us. 😦 SOOO we all pull over and get out of the car. This man was Asian and did not speak a word of english….Talk about bad luck! We had no idea how to communicate to him that this is your fault sir and end up  calling the cops. A whole 45 mins later they finally showed up! The officer wanted to hear what happened. We both tell him our side of the story, but when the office goes to talk to the Asian man he could not understand a word either. With no witnesses and even though it was his fault, the officer gave both parties no ticket and labeled it as a “No Fault” accident. OHHHH we are pissed about that. So now we have to see what our insurance will cover, or just fix the car ourselves.

Here were some thoughts running through our heads in facebook form on the day of the accident:

BAHHHHH….like we said it has been a HELL of a WEEK!

Cheers!…To hopefully a better week ahead.

XOXO- Court and Whit ❤