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Going a little pumpkin crazy lately

13 Sep

 Hello There.

It feels as if life is never going to slow down. When you have some where to be everyday or an assignment is due every class then it is go, go, go! Well here is a quick recap of our week:

Mon.- No school because of labor day, but we had to go to work instead.

Tues.- No school again because it was an “A” day so Whit and I went for a run then worked on homework.

Wed.- Went to school then watched the premiere of the new show HELLCATS! The first episode definitely drew me in. It kind of reminded me of One Tree Hill, but it starts out in college.  

Thurs.- Did Insanity’s Pure Cardio and got a killer cramp. I felt so sick, my stomach felt like it was on fire, and then I started getting heart burn. Not good!
 NOTE TO SELF: If I am ever going to do that intense of a workout then I must wait at LEAST an hour before working out.
After that we went to our booorrring Art Appreciation class.

Fri.- School and christmas shopping at the mall and a toffee mocha latte from Starby’s to finish the perfect night.

Sat.- Worked 8-close, the place was jam packed, and I was a sweaty mess trying to make a gazzilion egg sandwiches. Why can’t people just make their own breakfast on the weekend? lol.

Sun.- Went to church, watched football, did homework, watched VMA’s. Then around 4 pm we got a phone call about crime in the neighborhood and to go into the basement until further notice. It turns out a storage container was mistaken for a possible pipe bomb. All of the streets in our neighborhood were closed off for hours! Don’t ask me why it took them so long to figure out if was not an actual bomb. Craziness.  

Today- Worked out then lounged all day. I was at least happy for one day of relaxation. I cannot wait till later because the new season of 90210 premieres. Who’s gonna watch it? The season finale has drama out the wazzoo. Namoi was raped, Annie finally tells her parents about her hit-and-run incident, her parents are pretty much splitting up, Jasper sets Liam’s boat on fire, ect. Clearly I am excited! 

The fuel Lately has consisted of:

Strawberry overnight oats

Spinach Bolani with Veggies

 Shakeology Overnight oats with Pumpkin spice tea

 Egg-white Turkey Veggie salad with a Pluot

 Welcome back Luna! 🙂 These babies never fail when you’re a hungry monkey at school. lol

Chicken Taco Veggie Salad

 New to us Product: My Weigh

“The KD-7000 reads in Grams, Pound;Ounces, Ounces, Pounds, & Kilograms. This makes them perfect for Home, Office, Kitchen and thousands of other uses. These scales are extremely durable and versatile.” (My weigh website)

 This scale rocks! We decided to test it out first with our Pancake mix. A 1/2 cup serving is 61g, so we set the scale to the grams measurement.

 First up, weigh the measuring spoon. (37g)

 Both the mix and spoon is 98g-37g=61g. Look at how exact that is!

 Viola, perfect serving of pancake heaven 🙂

Jennie-O Turkey Sammie on 10 grain bread w/ an almond butter lathered pear

 WE ♥ this bread!

 When Fall comes Whit and I look forward to PUMPKIN! Clearly we went a little crazy 😛 This is only a small fragment of what we bought this week.

Everything we bought was:

  • pumpkin syrup
  • pumpkin butter
  • pumpkin tea
  • pumpkin coffee
  • pumpkin ice cream
  • candy corn

 We cannot get enough of it. If you have a love for Pumpkin like us…. then GUESS WHAT!?! Our work is coming out with a pumpkin Crunch Bagel. Sept. 29th is the big day. With that said cheers to this upcoming season 🙂


The weather has been perfect lately, not too hot and not too cold…. in other words perfect bike riding weather.

 Whit and I took our cruisers out for a spin on Friday afternoon. I ♥ my pink cruiser.

 Man do we know each other or what! Remember when we surprised each other with these for our 17th b-day last year?


 Apple Bran Muffin and Simply Orange



 Look out flutter-nutters! Here come pb+ pumpkin butter+banana sammies. Paired with a Dark Chocolate Kashi TLC cookie is the best 😉

 Shirkataki noodles and a nutty apple

 We threw in some chicken sausage, veggies, spinach, laughing cow, and I can’t believe it is not butter.

 Pumpkin Butter-Pumpkin Oats

 Tomatoe soup topped with a poached egg, sour dough, and Dr. Kracker’s.


 Pumpkin ice cream topped with zucchini bread and greek yogurt.

 PB & J Yogurt Oats


 Well it is time to go get some things ready for the week. Have a lovely night and a fabulous week!

XOXO-Court & Whit

Versatile Blogger Award

6 Sep

 Thanks to Wei-Wei, who tagged us both for the Versatile Blogger Award.

This is a fun get to know you better type of blogger thing. Ya know?…



Hey Guys, Whit here. Let me tell you 7 things about myself in honor of the award.

  1. I have a white dot on my right front tooth. It kinda is like a tooth birthmark, because I have had it ever since that tooth first grew in. Any who, I am always super self-conscious of it, but then Courtney reminds me that it is not a flaw! She tells me “Whit that is what makes you, you. Without that dot you would not be the same unique Whitney I know.” I want to get a cap or something done to it when I’m older, but I may just say who the F**K cares. lol
  2.  I have always been the sporty twin. When I was little, I owned so many basketball shorts, huge sweatshirts, and sneakers. While court would be inside doing makeovers, I would be outside playing street Hockey, kickball, and basketball with all the neighbor kids. Overtime, I grew more girly, and now I am about 60% tom-boy 40% girly-girl. 🙂
  3. For some reason whenever I doodle on a piece of paper I draw bow-ties. Most people would draw hearts, smiley faces, etc, not me, bow-ties are my thing!
  4.  If I had to pick a favorite food, it would be the fattiest out there. ICE-CREAM! Holey canoli, when I was little I would eat a bowl every single night. And too much surprise I was still a tiny kid. Probably all that running around outside. My favorite flavor is cookies n’ cream.
  5. I am a computer junkie, and get on so many times in the day to check for any new comments, e-mail, facebook, and blog read. Basically starting this blog is really what got me in the habit. But really what teenager or blogger has not become a computer junkie?
  6. I love to write songs, and I have already written a whole notebook worth. Also, I have a really nice recording program on my computer. Court and I have taken singing classes together, and just recorded a few not so good sounding songs. lol. But, in the future I would love to record a really good duet with court that we write, play, sing, etc. ♥
  7.  When I get married one day, I want a wedding on the beach. I want a strapless dress, a flower tiara in my hair, and I want to walk down the aisle barefoot.


Hey guys, Court here now! Here’s my seven 🙂

  1. Since a kid, I have always been the last person to got to bed in my family. I do not know why but I always get distracted with a movie, game, h.w., ect. Some how I am always last. Then, if I happened to be the first to wake up the next morning, I would always watch the white guy with the afro paint on t.v. His voice is so soft and soothing in the morning. I love it!
  2. I have always been obsessed about grades. I am the biggest perfectionist. This got even worse once sixth grade came because our dad added an incentive of paying us for our grades. A’s= $10, B’s= $5, straight A’s= $100, and everything else zero. My older brother and sister lettered in sports, but not me. NOPE! I lettered in academics two years in a row. This year I get to add a bar to my Letterman jacket!
  3. I have tried pretty much every sport out there: soccer, basketball, dance, gymnastics, lacrosse, cheerleading, etc. The result? I sucked at all of them and I did not have the motivation to get better. Instead I just grew a love for working out. You do not really need any complicated skills for that 😉
  4. I have lazy eyes. If I am tired it is even worse. People always think that I am giving them a dirty look or that I am mad. I am like no people I just have lazy eyes lol. I do not even want to think about how it is going to be when I get older. YIKES!
  5. I write with my left hand, but I do everything else with my right. You know how usually the hand that you do don’t write with is your weaker one, well mine are both strong. I use both on a day-to-day basis. When I was in kindergarten I used to write with both my left and right hand. I would switch off when one got tired. lol. And then first grade rolled around and I guess the left just stuck.
  6. I know a lot of people do not really hula-hoop these days, but I am the queen at winning. Whit and I would have contest to see who could go longer, and sometimes I would still go on after hers dropped for like 10 mins.
  7. Besides becoming an RD or a personal trainer, I have always dreamed of going to Johnson and Wales university to get my culinary arts degree. Then I thought one day, Whit and I would open up a cute cupcake shop, or breakfast place. Every time we would make up something so restaurant menu worthy, we have always come up with a name for our dish. I am obsessed with the Food Network, so this is probably where I dreamt up this!

Now let’s get into how our week has been.

  • School was everyday because Mon, Wed, Fri was highschool, and Tuesday and Thursday night were college
  • Work on Thursday was extremely dead and we did not have to close 🙂
  • We were the only seniors in our whole school to qualify for the ASCENT program, which means we are going to have at least 12 college credits by the end of the year so next year our highschool will pay for all of our college! We are so excited, considering since we are twins that is double the $$. And we decided that we will go full-time to really get our moneys worth in credit.
  • It has been blazes outside, but so freezing at school. We ended up wearing hoodies and jeans all week in this lovely 92 degree weather.
  • last night we made a DQ run for some blizzards and then watched Toy Story 3. It was so cute!

Here is the meals we actually got a picture of this week. lol

Greens with a Nectarine

 There was some Pesto chicken thrown in there too 🙂

 Steak Burrito

 with apple chips…

 Blueberry Nutri-grain waffles

 so paradise like with the mango, pineapple, and strawberries

 Classic Sampler style lunch

 Annies Macaroni that we threw Buffalo chicken into 

 Homemade Garlic bread on a sandwich thin.

 Protein Coffee Toffee overnight oats

 Turkey Bacon & Pepperjack egg sammie

 Oey gooey delish!


 We received our FREE Jillian Michael’s Master your metabolism cookbook in the mail a few weeks ago, and we finally broke into it to make her Chocolate Almond blondies.


 Attempted to make Cinnamon Roll oats…

 But sadly they did not taste anything like a cinnamon roll. 😦

 They looked pretty though


 Cereal snacks

 Lean pockets and apples are saviors when the fridge is completely empty. We did not even grocery shop this week, so the meals began to get real creative.

A new jar of PB was open! 

Sunland Cinnamon = 🙂

 This brand of peanut butter is slowly becoming my favorite. They have so many cool flavors, and each one has been so flavorful and creamy.

When mom got mad about nobody cooking dinner in the past week, then Court and I decided to make homemade pizza with frozen Bobali crust. One was a Pesto tomato, and one was classic pepperoni.  

Pretty good for using random leftover stuff in the fridge and freezer.  

We made this garlic bread from an old loaf of bead that has been in the freezer for months.  

 These veggies were steamed and then shaken with olive oil, sea salt, garlic powder, onion powder, and spike.

If you have not tried Overnight oats in a cantaloupe, they are a must! 


 Egg whites, grapefruit, & toast


 Turkey Wrap, PB pretzels, and apple slices

 PB & J overnight oats

 Granola Thin w/ apple slices

 Pumpkin Pancakes are back in season 😉 



 When we first saw these on Allies blog, we had to try them! 

 Put a lil PB, Banana, yogurt, Honey & Cinnamon on top

Viola Beauties, that are so delish  

 And finally, another newbie we have tried lately is this Apple Raisin Bread yogurt from Target. I love when we find new flavors

Now we are gonna tag all of the following for the Versatile Blogger Award:

 Happy Labor Day! Hopefully our next post will not be a week from now. These first two weeks have just been getting used to our new schedule. 🙂

-Court & Whit

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~^~Look out General Mills~^~

27 Aug

So guess WHAT!?!

Today is Friday and NO SCHOOL! I have got to say, I am totally diggin’ this  new schedule 🙂 Last night was our second college class for the week… Art Apreciation. This class is also a Hybrid class so it goes from 6:00 pm – 8:40 pm. We have a girl teacher and her hair is black on top and gray on the bottom. Instantly when I saw her all that came to mind was Cruella de Vil from 101 Dalmatians! It is funny, now we have a teacher that looks like santa claus and one like this haha! This class felt like it dragged on for a century. All that we did was open our textbook, and she went through all of chapter one in a 93 page slide show. Ashley took this class last semester and she said this is how every class is going to be. All I can say is with this new schedule, I will sit through anything! It is so weird, but everybody in college seems so much more accepting. The environment is not like highschool where everybody cares what you look like, how you dress, or how you act. Everybody in college just does not care anymore. I LOVE it!   

Wednesday night, Whit and I made egg-white burritos smothered with Green Chile Verde. You can find the recipe here. The only alteration we made was only adding one can of chicken broth.

Behold! This is one of our favorite new desserts. We took a caramel rice cake and topped it with pb+fluff!  

Then for Thursday morning’s breakfast we used this guy….  

 To make overnight oat’s in a cantaloupe. Whit and I got this idea from the lovely Iowa Girl Eats.

  • 1/2 cantaloupe seeded
  •  1/4 cup old-fashioned oats
  • 1 container of Siggi’s blueberry greek yogurt
  • 1 tsp. flax
  • 1 tsp. chia
  • blueberries

Just put it in the fridge and top with your faves in the morning! I will definitely be making this again. So chewy, soft, and filling. YUM!

 I must say though, I think it was the Siggi’s yogurt that made this breakfast such a hit! It is literally the creamiest and thickest yogurt around. If it were not so expensive then I would probably buy it every time I went to the grocery store.

 This was yesterday’s snack at school. I ate this right before third period.

This is a definite pick me up bar when you are at school. And such simple ingredients: 


 Lunch was prepared pretty fast since we still had to work out and then get to our class.
A good ol’ hearty salad and a Kashi TLC cookie.  

 The salad included:

  • spinach
  • romaine
  • broccoli
  • cauliflower
  • cherry tomatoes
  • purple onion
  • celery
  • goji berries
  • parsley cheese stick cubed
  • Annie’s Asiago dressing


Now let’s move on to breakfast today. Three Sisters Cereal provided us with these three cereals to review. This is a healthier option cereal for all ages and is sold at Whole Foods. All of their products are made using renewable energy and contain no trans fat, partially hydrogenated oil or phony flavors. After ripping open each bag right when we got them… they reminded me of all my favorite cereals: Honey Nut Cheerios, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and Lucky Charms!



 After trying all of the cereals, Whit and I decided on the Marshmallow Oaties! Unlike Lucky Charms, this cereal did not give me a sugar high and crash. I loved the taste, nutritional stats, and ingredients. So TWO THUMBS UP! 😛

With some almond milk…. PERFECTION!

Of course we had to add in some extra protein.


Not only have we received some cereal, but look at the size of this package from Manna Bread! Can you say Carb Heaven, or what? This bread is super healthy and made with Sprouted grains rather than whole grains. The difference is there is a lot more of the Vitamins in this bread than regular while grain breads.

The ingredients that go into this bread are:


Our flavors Included:

* Banana Walnut Hemp

* Carrot Raisin

* Cinnamon Date

* Fig Fennel Flax

* Fruit and Nut

* Millet Rice

* Multi-grain

* Sunseed

* Whole Rye

First up to try was Cinnamon Date!

And using their serving tips, we heated it up in the microwave, and topped it w/ some Nut butter(Carmel sunland).

 This bread definitely did not taste as cinnamony and date as I was expecting, but topped with some pb it was perfect alongside this cereal 😉 It has a very cake-like texture too which I liked.

Hope you have a fun-filled Friday!