Hot Fitness Trend: Makeup designed specifically to workout in!! Ya dig that?

30 Oct



Nobody wants to have their gorgeous glammed out face melting off during a workout..Right ladies?!? I mean racoon eyes just ain’t that cute. Waterproof foundation makeup does something that no other cosmetic can do. It allows you to sweat it out at the gym, swim, and enjoy a warm day at the beach without worrying about it coming off or smearing onto your clothes. Apply in the morning and your skin will look flawless all day.  Even women who prefer water-based foundations have this one on hand for those special days when they want to look great with a minimum of effort.

Gym-friendly products. If you’re a makeup maven and can’t stand to go cosmetic-free, even for an hour or two, do your skin a favor and make a compromise. Replace your usual cosmetic repertoire with long-lasting formulas that won’t clog your pores. Wondering where to find makeup that has marathon potential when it comes to lasting through a workout? Here are a few top tips.

  • Cream foundation. While liquid foundation streaks during a hot yoga session and powder will most likely disappear completely, a long-lasting cream formula will stay better on the skin. According to makeup artist Mary Erickson for ABC News, “It’s going to sit nicely on the skin and won’t move if you sweat.” Make sure it’s oil-free and doesn’t clog pores – a common problem when wearing foundation during a workout. Try Colorescience PRO Sheer Creme Foundation – California Girl, which also includes sun protection – essential for those workouts outside. 
  • Lip color. Skip the heavy matte lipstick, and instead go for a tinted gloss or balm that’ll leave your lips looking healthy and full. On ABC News, Stila’s Amanda Rozelle recommends using moisturizing products that won’t dry out the skin or lips further than a workout already will. “If you use a regular lipstick with pigment, it will dry your lips. You don’t want that when you’re biking or working out. So I recommend using a gloss or glaze.” Try Stila Lip Glaze – Plumfor both moisture and shine. 
  • Mascara. Eyeliner and shadow most likely won’t stand up to the heat of an aerobic workout, and aren’t necessary at the gym. Waterproof mascara is your best bet when it comes to eye makeup. Look for a smudge-proof formula like bareMinerals Flawless Defintion Waterproof Mascara.

Wearing makeup to workout is a very controversial topic however. From a make up artist perspective who also works out “When we exercise we increase the volume of blood to our skin.  Exercise gets our skin warmer and opens our pores wider. When our pores are open wider, makeup, along with sweat, can clog them as well as attract bacteria. A person that exercises regularly produces more skin cells; with clogged pores, over time, this will not happen. By wearing makeup to exercise on a regular basis, your skin will become dull, get clogged pores, and might produce pimples and irritated skin.”

Court and I are both guilty of wearing makeup while working out though, and sometimes it is not always waterproof. The results have varied, but there are some weeks where we both get a lot of acne because of it. So with that said I am scoping out all kinds of products and experimenting to find what works best for me! 🙂



One Response to “Hot Fitness Trend: Makeup designed specifically to workout in!! Ya dig that?”

  1. Can-C Eye Drops November 27, 2012 at 3:32 AM #

    : While I wouldn’t swim in it, for every day use in hot and humid conditions, I’m very happy with Bare Minerals by Bare Escentuals. Mineral cosmetics are all the rage and I can see why. Why didn’t someone think of this stuff before? If Bare Minerals doesn’t work for you, try another brand. But regardless, give a mineral makeup line a try when you need waterproof cosmetics for your foundation.

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