True Whit and True Court

24 Jul

Hey guys, Whit here I just wanted to stop in to say Hi and share some words with you all.

These past couple of months I have come to realize so much about myself and about this crazy beautiful thing called life you truely have to embrace who you are, and never ever be afraid to show people what a great person you are.

I have recently started meditating for the first time with my gay best friend David Baker, and have already seen dramatic results in my own life. Some amazing words of encouragement that I have taken to heart are from Meditations for Women by Jane Powell:

-“When you use others as your measuring stick, you come up short. You convince yourself you’re not as clever, beautiful, thin or talented. Lasting satisfaction and confidence comes from appreciating yourself with all you have to offer. Equating yourself with others eats away at your confidence and leaves you feeling inferior. Remind yourself of these simple truths. You’re a unique and special person, exactly as you are”- Btw, I have to give credit to my rockstar blogger bestfriend Katie Emmenegger for introducing me to these powerful words.

Through meditation I have learned that you have to put all positive words in to your mind. I use to be the girl who would say I am going to do bad on this test, or Courtney is way smarter than me, so she will definitely get the better grade. At work I would have the mindset that it was going to be a bad day, or that I would never get a raise or promoted. Guess what all of that negativity surrounded me. However, recently I have changed my mindset, and have put all positive thoughts into my head. It is just as simple as saying “I am a beautiful girl who has opportunities for sucess around me everyday.” It’s kind of crazy to me, but one morning I said to myself money will come into your life freely, and opportunity will surround you today. Believe it or not, that day I ended up getting two tips at work, and the job opportunity to transfer to an Einstein Bagels down the road from my store to work with my old general manager who I loved. There at that store they want to promote me to a shift leader where I would make the money that I am worth to this job that I have been busting my butt at for two years to prove myself.

Lately I have been alot more health conscious of what I am sticking into my body, and have been taking the whole eating organic to a whole other level. I have come to the conclusion that the $60-$75 I spend a week at Whole Foods or Sprouts Famers market is worth the splurge to get a ton of healthy meals for the week, rather than spending all that money on eating out and putting unhealthy harmful things into my body.

Some products that yours truely Whit has come to love lately are:

 Svelte Natural Energy Drinks

Court and I have been drinking these up on alot of mornings as an alternative to Coffee. Our two faves are the Spiced Chai and French Vanilla, delicious, and you have sustained energy for a longer period of time.

                                                  Raw Revolution Bars

These bars are awesome on your digestive system, and keep you really energized through a long 10-12 hour long work day.


Strawberry Acai Coconut KeVita™

Kevita StrawberryStrawberry Acai Coconut tastes like drinking a kiss! This refreshingly delicious superdrink is a combination of coconut water, strawberries and KeVita™ culture.  Lightly sweetened with organic Reb A Stevia, Strawberry Acai Coconut enhances digestive flora with live probiotic cultures.  All of the Coconut KeVita™’s are made with organic ingredients and are dairy, gluten, caffeine and soy free.  Shake gently, drink with healthy pleasure and keep refrigerated.

NXY Candy Glitter Liner From Ulta

When your looking for a pick-me-up on your eye liner, Court and I have recently discovered lining our top lashes with a black liquid eyeliner, and then after it dries swiping on some of this glitter eyeliner really gives your eyes some Pizazz! 🙂

 Currently Courtney and I have the next couple of days off from everything due to getting our wisdom teeth out, so we are looking like little Chubby Chipmunk faces right now. LOL! Court should be on a little bit later today to share some words with you all as well.

Have a Fabulous and Relaxing Sunday All!!


Hello Lovelies 😀

If there is one thing I have learned this summer, it has been how to balance a relationship with my boyfriend, myself, and Whit of course. At first the summer started off with Michael and me time 24/7….but then I began to lose myself and miss my bff time with Whit. Since I was ALWAYS hanging out with Michael then I was not really working out anymore and we were constantly spending money. I initially thought the solution to this problem would be for all three of us to hang out everyday, but yet again that only work temporarily. So I then decided I needed a break from both the boyfriend and my BFF for some “me time”. For a while all I would do was come home from work and then work out, read some magazines or watch a show I wanted and go to bed. Then as I started to feel like I had more freedom to do what I wanted again, then I started balancing my week with everybody including myself.

Now I make sure that I am not giving up anything such as working out. That is what has always been my groove in life and has kept me sane. So to save money then Michael and I have been exploring different parks Colorado has to offer. After a long stressful day of work, there is nothing like taking a long walk right as it is cooling off. I am still able to get in a good sweat, do something that is free, and hang out with my boyfriend.

On days that I am hanging out with Whit then we will usually work out, then go window shopping at the mall. Also like Whit said above, she has been introducing me to meditation. I never knew how powerful it was until this summer. It has opened up a whole new world to me. It is crazy but your spiritual health is just as important to your overall well-being.

❤ Court     


8 Responses to “True Whit and True Court”

  1. Kat @ Cupcake Kat July 24, 2011 at 1:43 PM #

    I really believe in the power of positive thinking! Hope you recover from your wisdom teeth removal. Kevita sounds really good. I’ll keep my eye out for it

  2. kaila @ healthy helper! July 24, 2011 at 3:39 PM #

    That is so great that you’re embracing such a postive atitiude!!!

    I love all those new products! Gotta try that Kevita stuff!!!

  3. Katie July 24, 2011 at 6:15 PM #

    Yay for the update!!! and YAY for the shoutout! Thanks girls 🙂

    I am glad to hear that life is going well for the both of you!

    Court- When I was dating my boyfriend (of 2 yrs) I spent every moment with him it seemed. I lost friends and I lost myself. Now that we are apart, I have to find myself again. It’s a process, but it’s worth it. I know you and Michael are still together (that’s great!), but it’s still a similar situation. I hope you continue to spend time with yourself and others and not seclude yourself from others besides Michael. When you are in a relationship there is “us”, but you have to have a “you” and “i” to make that us. 🙂

  4. Sweet Cheeks July 25, 2011 at 2:00 PM #

    i read those same meditations, too!!! I get one each morning in my email and it is such a great way to start off my day. It’s crazy how much a bit of positive self talk really can improve your life dramatically.

    I’m so glad to hear from your guys and glad to see that you are finding balance in life!! ❤

  5. aflourishingfoodie July 27, 2011 at 10:08 PM #

    Great post! Love your positive attitude. The Jane Powell quote is great -something I hope to really take to heart.

  6. nutritionforarunner July 29, 2011 at 5:13 PM #

    I agree we should never be afraid to be who we are! Even if it may seem foolish we at least will not have missed out on oppurtinities! Fell free to check out my blog too:) Its a foodie blog

  7. Victoria (Sweet and Healthy Living) August 5, 2011 at 12:44 PM #

    Meditation is great! Positive attitudes make such a difference in life! Something I have to constantly remind myself about… 😉

  8. Molly August 12, 2011 at 5:36 PM #

    Hey chickadees, glad I stopped by to check to see if you had posted! Lover-ly post 🙂 It’s funny because I have been using almost all of the products you talked about today. I tried the strawberry acai Kevita yesterday though and it was not good at all!! Like forealz it tasted alcoholic or something lol. I really liked the coconut flavor though. Take care and I can’t wait to see more updates from ya!

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