I’m a barbie girl

25 May

Guess what, tomorrow is going to be our FRIDAY, and an early day. Woohoo party over here who- whoop! Today school was such a drag though, there was absolutely nothing to do, and only 3 ppl showed up to my Marketing class including me. LAME! All this inactivity was making me a tired girl. I was falling asleep :0 After hours of reviews, and just sitting there, the bell finally rang for school being out. YESSS, we booked it out to the car. lol

When we got home our package from Eat Drink Be Hopeful’s giveaway arrived. Last week we won the $25 giftcard to Swanson Vitamins, and this is everything we got.

After ripping open our package, we were HUNGRY and popped up some good ol’ natural Lime Salt Popcorn to go alongside a piece of Newman’s Own Mocha Milk Chocolate.

Speaking of being a Barbie Girl, look at Court’s Cute new Barbie Shirt from Wal-mart. Only $7, what a deal 🙂  This is totally her style. She is a little Fashionista! Oh, and that camera is also new from this weekend, and Olympus for only $329 (usually $500) also at Wal-mart.

ERR, Flex those muscles girly.

Now lets talk a little bit more on what you can do for your first week of Summer shape-up shall we. We shall…

Food wise, here are some great options:

Breakfast- Protein pancakes, Eggwhites w/ spinach partskim mozzarella mixed in alongside grapefruit and Whole-wheat toast, PB Banana smoothie w/ an english muffin, Carnation Breakfast essentials No Sugar added Chocolate smoothie blended with strawberries or banana, Tofu veggie scramble and Whole-wheat toast, Whole-Wheat bagel/Alternative bagel spread with PB alongside a Court and Whit original steamer, Kashi/Cheerios cereal with banana or blueberries mixed in, half of a bran muffin spread w/ sugar-free preserves along with Instant Carnation No sugar added Chocolate mixed into milk of choice, PB Banana smoothie and dry cereal, Egg-White Breakfast Burrito w/ salsa and Part-skim mozzarella inside on a whole-wheat wrap, Breakfast cookie, Yogurt Parfait, and some simple Oats!

Lunch- Salad(Veggie, Lentil, Fruit, Tuna, salmon, shrimp, grilled chicken, low-soduim turkey), Veggie burger, Frozen Kashi or Amy’s meals, PB Banana sammie, Whole-wheat burritos(filled with grilled chicken, spinach, avocado, and laughing cow), Brown rice fish and veggies, Quesidilla on a whole-wheat wrap with part-skim mozzarella and Low sodium turkey inside and a salad, Salad and bar, low sodium soup and a hummus bell pepper sammie

Snack- Kashi bars, apples and PB, popcorn, almonds, raspberries and dark chocolate, Luna bars, trail mix, yogurt and granola, carrots and humus, vita-top, banana-wich with pb and jelly, rice-cake topped w/ sugar free preserves

Dinner- Grilled salmon asparagus and brown rice, turkey burger, grilled chicken veggies and brown rice, sweet potato and salad, whole-wheat pasta and veggies, homemade pizza on a flat-out, and much more.

Easy at home workouts- Use various resources such as fitnessmagazine.com, youtube, yogadownload.com, or if you have ONDemand they have a ton of FREE popular workouts. Tomorrow’s Summer-Shape up discussion will be a lot about the working out factor.

In other news, we rented Dear John tonight from the redbox, and it sucked. I like when Nicholas sparks has love movies when they end up together, but this one was a disappointment. I really liked the beginning, but then the ending was blah!

 See ya in the A.M! ~XOXO Court & Whit

3 Responses to “I’m a barbie girl”

  1. overconcerned May 25, 2010 at 10:11 PM #

    Woah, that is a LONG list of food! I’m drooling just thinking about it all.

    Cute t-shirt! Not a fan of Barbie, though. 😉 (That song is going to be stuck in my head now. D:)


  2. Natalie May 25, 2010 at 10:26 PM #

    I rented it too from the redbox today! I just finished the book yesterday so all the details that they left out or changed I caught on to fast! They did change a bit, and just a few parts actually followed the book.. I thought it was ehhh too. I think they needed more of their “first two weeks together” because it jumped so quickly! I thought they moved fast in the book, but day-umm! Haha. Some books really do make good movies though, it just depends if you can find a good one!

  3. Sweet Cheeks May 26, 2010 at 8:24 AM #

    great job on the Shape Up plan! Sounds great to me!!!

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