Week 7 is off to a strong start

17 May

Hey You! Yeah you, Have you entered our amazing Easy Lunchbox giveaway? If so, give yourself a pat on the back 🙂 If not, Hurry and Click Here. You have until Friday and you can enter up to three times.

       This past weekend consisted of work, Old Dogs, reviews, and Ashley’s B-day dinner. On that note, she turns 21 today, so HAPPY B-Day big sis! Your loving little sisters miss you and hope your having fun gambling while we go to boring ol’ school. LOL.

Saturday Recap- After looking at a lot of Jqlee’s oats lately, we decided on a BIG bowl of oats using old fashioned, Coach’s oats, and oat bran. Wowzerz, the creaminess was great, lol like mashed pot-at-as for breakfast. Ha ha not really but it was a good simile. You know there are those days where more oats and less toppings feels better, and then other days when less oats and toppings galore is better. Yeah? What’d ya think? Work was from 8-4:30, and it was not bad at all. There was a newbie working, and he totally got bit**ed out by this customer. It was hilarious, but then I was like “it’s okay, lol you’ll catch on fast.” Since it was such a hot day, we decided we better hit up Starby’s after work for one of the last two days of Frappaccino Happy Hour 🙂 Toffee Nut Frapps are seriously a new found love. Whats your fav. Frapp? We like Toffee Nut and Java chip Baby 😉 After we enjoyed our sugar packed drinks, we headed home to watch the movie Old Dogs with the family. This movie was a great comedy, that had us all laughing, esp my dad with his horsey laugh.

Sunday Recap- Work was from 8-2:30 yesterday, and there was no hope for getting off early. We even worked passed our shift. There was just so much stuff to get done, and our boss was holding interviews, so there had to be more ppl there to man the customers, and prepare for close. After work, Court and I discovered the BIGGEST Whole Foods just down the road from our work, and it is Fabulous! Oh my goodness, it had an upstairs and downstairs, and we found some awesome finds like Carmel Okios which we have been on the hunt for freakin’ ever, and Mighty Maple PB. YAY YAY YAy! This was seriously shopping heaven, and we had some coupons, so the bill was looking pretty smart shopper to me. When we got home from Heath food mecca, my dad had grilled up some chicken, and we celebrated Ash’s B-Day along with some Cake and ice-cream. German Chocolate, and Neapolitan to be exact. MMM… 

 Saturday BIG bowl of oaty goodness:

  • 1 pkt coach’s oats
  • 1/4 cup oat bran
  • 2 tbs Old Fashioned oats
  • 1 cup water
  • Cinnamon
  • Vanilla extract


  • Honey greek yogurt
  • Galaxy Granola
  • Half a pear

 After about two months of anticipation, and reading others reviews of Galaxy Granola, our’s finally came in the mail! And the Flavor was Vanilla Almond.

 Verdict: The nutrition stats are Phenomenal, and I think it is really cool how they use apple sauce instead of butter. I have never thought of using apple sauce to make granola, but this company was a genius, who also gave us some recipe ideas. Thanks Galaxy Granola. Your Granola Rocks. It’s Tasty and guilt Free.

For lunch Court packed us one of her famous Fruit Salads. I’m telling you no one makes a fruit salad better than her. You go sista! 

 And to go with that we split two bars so we could try them both:

 **Verdict: I really like how there is Cashew Butter in this bar, and with the little rice puffs added it tasted like a spoonful of cashew butter mixed with rice krispie cereal. lol that is the best way to describe it. And to tell you the honey added a lot of flavor, and really held this bar together.

Get yours.


And the second bar was Boomi Fruit and Nut.  

**Verdict– This bar reminded me of the KIND fruit and Nut bar.  And the thing I like about Boomi bars is there soft chewyness from the dates, but then a nice crunch added with seeds and nuts.

 Saturday night for dessert, Court and I split this Fiber Gourmet Brownie.

The directions were simple: Add Water 


 Microwave for 30-45 sec.

 And then sprinkle the powdered sugar pkt on top. Since we shared, I decided to mix it into a yogurt mess.

**Verdict- Chocolate Cake Heaven! These microwave cakes are awesomly fast, healthy, and and yumm-o! Geez there is endless things you can do with these. I would also check out there website, because they have many other great products including a cinnamon crumb cake.

Sunday Breakfast=Chocolate covered Cherry Oats 

These fresh cherries are the best, and have been put to good use lately.  

Using our Easy Lunch boxes, we packed a Lentil salad, leftover vegan cornbread, and a dried fruit mixture. 

Since we picked up Carmel Okios, and have been hearing all the rave about them, we were dying to dig into them afterschool today.  


 Mixed in was mighty maple PB, Galaxy Granola, and pecans.

 Verdict: This takes the top of the list as one of the best flavors Okios makes, then Honey and then Chocolate.

After our snack, we put on our workout clothes and got ready to do a Plyometric Insanity Tape.

And check out the new SUPER CUTE workout outfit I got Friday night.

 Shirt: $7

 Capri $7 success!

 And since I knew I would be doing a lot of pouncing on my feet with this workout I decided my experia socks and Supportive shoes were a must.

 I still cannot get over these little pads inside the socks, it is crazy how cushioned it keeps your feet during a hard workout, or even just a hard work day. I love these things.

 They have become a new sock obsession 🙂

 And these are the shoes I wear, which are also super cute and the best workout shoes I have ever owned.

Well, I gotta straighten up my room before I hit the sack for the night, so I will TTYL ~ Peace! -Court & Whit ♥

8 Responses to “Week 7 is off to a strong start”

  1. overconcerned May 18, 2010 at 2:22 AM #

    My favourite frappuccino is Green Tea, though recently they’ve come out with a seasonal Green Tea SESAME. I love all things sesame, so I loved that one soo much… I wonder what adding sesame to Green Monsters would taste like? 😉

    You look so cute in your workout outfit! I especially like the capris. Lookin’ fine 😀

    I am at awe of FiberGourmet products. They’re like almost a dream come true… Yummy, low-cal dessert/foods! Like Vitamuffins. Ohh, groan.

    Here’s to a good week ahead! 🙂


  2. Meg May 18, 2010 at 7:56 AM #

    I love galaxy granola 😀 And I used to be OBSESSED with fraps when I was younger – I love the Java Chip one, but I’ll have to give the Toffee Nut one a try next 😉 thanks to your recommendation!

    Enjoy your day!! Love the socks 😀

  3. Natalie May 18, 2010 at 11:25 AM #

    I remember reading that you two did the Insanity work out regimen. I was thinking about starting it.. but I don’t have that recovery protein powder. Did you guys buy this when you did it, or just use a different protein powder for fuel? I’m not really protein-powder savvy and have no idea (or ever used it) what would be a good substitute!

    • CourtandWhit May 18, 2010 at 5:23 PM #

      You should most definitely do the program! It is amazing, my stamina improved immensly. It is the best cardio workout I have ever done on DVD. We actually did not even buy the recovery protein powder. It is much to expensive when you could just by your favorite brand of regular ol’ whey protein. Whit and I usually refuel after our workouts with Kombucha, but if we do use protein powder we use either the Biggest Loser Vanilla Bean or Walmart’s value size chocolate one, or Amazing Grass is always a good refueler too. Basically just find what ever works for you and that is affordable. These are just a few options, but there are a number of ways that you can refuel.

  4. jqlee May 19, 2010 at 11:11 PM #

    omg, what is that amazing brownie thing??? is it one serving in each container? that looks like heaven. now if there was a good scoop of fro yo on top of that warm brownie, that would the shizzzzzle!

    • CourtandWhit May 20, 2010 at 6:06 AM #

      Yeah, they are one serving per container, and are SO GOOD!

  5. Michal May 20, 2010 at 10:19 PM #

    OMG girl I just bought that same pair of capris! 🙂 They are totally cute and so comfortable!


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