Keep movin’

15 Apr

Thursday- 4/15

Hello fellow bloggies!

Wow, I cannot believe it is already the 15th of April. Time is already just flying by. Before we all know it is going to be MAY(the last month of school)!!! Well the mornings have been getting warmer with Spring, so this morning Whit and I decided to have Monsters, Chocolate Covered Cherry Monsters to be exact. 

Here’s what we threw in the blender:

-a scoop of the chocolate amazing meal
-1 cup of almond milk
-1 tbs. dark chocolate peanut butter
-1 tsp. of chia seeds
-handful of frozen cherries
-half a frozen banana


Alongside the big ol’ monsters was some Millet Bread piled with pineapple greek yogurt, kashi cereal, mango slices, and kiwi.



Today’s flava to review was the Pineapple Chobani!


I take back what I said about Greek Gods, Chobani is my new Fave. You can have a cup of this flavored yogurt  for 160 cal vs. a cup of Greek Gods Honey and Strawberry Greek yogurt for 310 calories. YIKES! Maybe for dessert it is ok.


**Pineapple Flavor Verdict: Oh my gosh, can I just say the pineapple chunks at the bottom were the best part. You know how some yogurt with fruit on the bottom can be all mushy and make you gag. This was not even the case. It tasted like I just threw in the fresh chunks myself YUM!**  





Oh man, when Whit and I arrived at school today there was this girl in our Junior Class that has already had kind of a bad rep. around the school, and she was wearing the shortest dress that looked like it could be a long shirt. And we thought wow that is way too short for school, but maybe she has some shorts on underneath. Boy were we wrong, as soon as she started walking up the stairs she exposed herself to the whole world. It was ridiculous. Ok so now that I have addressed the disgusting incident of this morning, let me give a little advice to all of the highschool ladies out there. You do not have to dress provocative to be beautiful. Take some pride in yourself. We all should be able to be ourselves, and people should accept that 🙂 So lesson of the day embrace your inner beauty!



Mid-morning snack(it’s a b-day): A KIND  Almond and Apricot Bar

This was our first time trying these bars. This one tasted so tropical with all of the apricot and coconut! I think I see another homemade bar in the near future 😛



The EasyLunchBox lunch for today: Chicken, humus, guac, sprouts, and bell pepper in an Italian Herb Flat Out. Alongside was half a grapefruit and some lime cheecha puffs.



Every since working at Einstein Bro’s, I was exposed to Sprouts on their Tasty Turkey sandwich. Every since then I always add it to sandwiches and wraps. 




Today’s Insanity Workout was Core Cardio and Balance- 45 min. of good cardio and stretching(the best video in my opinion)


For snack was Chobani#2 of the day: Strawberry




We have been reading all of your comments about yogurt messes, and threw together our own. Sliced bananas, Bakery on the main granola, Krema Peanut Butter, and dates. Thanks for all of the ideas ladies! 

I love this Krema peanut butter, it swirls in so well.
Granola Verdict: Awesome definitely brought out the berry flavor, but I still think the Cranberry Crunch one has been the best.


Yogurt Verdict: If I have not already raved about this yogurt enough, it just keeps gettin’ better. If you want to try some of your own then do not forget to enter our giveaway:





 Dinner tonight was a tuna melt! We took some multi grain sprouts bread, added tuna, swiss cheese, and mashed lime Cheecha Puffs(we did not have BBQ chips, but these worked great!) then put it on the Panini press…


And voila, look at that crispy bread. It kind of reminded me of the good sandwich we had yesterday at Carino’s.


Who can make a meaner melt than this lol.



 Well everyone, it is time to get to the homework. At least tomorrow is Friday, Yay! Stay tuned for a special dessert Whit and I have planned for tonight with a package we received today and for Fun Fact Friday tomorrow. I hope you made the most out of your Thursday, talk to you all soon.


QOD: Tomorrow’s TGIF, so what are you going to do to make it a good day?



5 Responses to “Keep movin’”

  1. christina April 15, 2010 at 7:45 PM #

    yesss pineapple chobani ROCKS! loove the pineapple chunks!

  2. Hannah April 15, 2010 at 8:35 PM #

    Hey girls! I just found your blog, and I love it! I’m recovering from an ED, and it is so refreshing to see girls like you without ED’s, still eating healthy, but with treats! That’s what I’m aiming for, and it helps to see a normal teenager’s meals, rather then the weight gain food I’ve been eating (blahh). And the pinapple chobani, omg so GOOD. I sprinkled it with cinnamon and dipped a grilled pb&banana pita sammie into it!

    • CourtandWhit April 15, 2010 at 11:49 PM #

      Your comment was so sweet, seriously just made my night 🙂 I know how you feel though, at one point we were underweight majorly, and over excercising, and it is a hard process to gain weight, when you have been having tiny meals. But you will get there! And I will check out your blog.

  3. Katie April 15, 2010 at 8:49 PM #

    Gah! I hope I win your Chobs giveaway! I am really craving some of that creamy goodness. They don’t sell it near me. 😦

  4. Kelly Lester April 16, 2010 at 10:58 PM #

    If only I had your cooking talent!!! I’m seriously hungry and jealous looking at these meals. Someone get me a chef please!
    I LOVE that you post pics of your yummy meals in my EasyLunchboxes. Thanks for that girls. 🙂
    Kelly Lester, mom and CEO,

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