2 more weeks!

6 Apr


With a good snack in the tummy, and workout gear on, it was time for us to get our sweat on. Today’s video’s lasted an hour and a half. We are in our last two weeks of Insanity, and I can not believe we have made it this far. I can remember the first day when Court could not breathe, so she paused that DVD faster than I could blink. lol But it is amazing, because I have noticed the BIGGEST increase in my Stamina since beginning the program. Up next is Chalene Extreme with a mixture of gym, Pilates, yoga, and bike ride days. I really cannot wait. It is super hard to stick to one program for 2 months, but I am I feel very accomplished.

The rest of this weeks video’s are looking like:

  • Tues= Max Interval Plyo
  • Wed= Max Cardio Conditioning & Cardio Abs
  • Thurs= Max Recovery
  • Fri= Max Interval Circuit
  • Sat= Core Cardio and Balance
  • Sun= Rest Day!
  • Then the last and FINAL week!!! (63 days complete)

Dinner tonight was just left overs from lastnight, so no special pic needed. So some things that have been on my mind lately is what kind of haircut I want to get Thursday, what color to dye it, and PROM. First off, I want to dye my hair a darker brown, and Court is thinking about a Carmel color. There is so many choices, but if we really get different colors I will just have to call us the Olsen twins. lol Which reminds me they have a really cute line out at JcPenny’s. Then, the issue of Prom we were going to go in a limo with a bunch of people, but then a lot of people backed out, so now it is just way too expensive. And on top of that we got to find dresses. I heard of the website rentarunway.com that I might check out.

Any who, tomorrow is an “A” day, so two classes will be a breeze! And by the looks of the weather for the week tomorrow is rain/snow, and the rest of the week just get more and more beautiful! Our Seventeen magazine just came in the mail, and I got shopping fever now, there was so much cute stuff I want to buy.



5-day forecast


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Apr 10

Rain / SnowRain / Snow Partly CloudyPartly Cloudy Mostly SunnyMostly Sunny Partly CloudyPartly Cloudy Partly CloudyPartly Cloudy

Have a good night Everyone,

XOXO Court & Whit

3 Responses to “2 more weeks!”

  1. Katie April 6, 2010 at 4:43 AM #

    What is the name of the workout challenge? I am looking into some different types of workouts. I am going to try Body For Life – HIIT cardio 3x a week and 40 min of weights 3x a week along with an almost 40/40/20 diet (40% daily intake from carbs and protein and 20% from fat) The carbs part is hard, but yesterday I got 90g of protein! 🙂

    • CourtandWhit April 6, 2010 at 6:04 AM #

      The name of our workout Challenge is Insanity, if you go to http://www.beachbody.com there is a whole video on it. If you have seen the infomercial for P90X. it is about 10 times harder! Basically you workout for 6 out of the seven days in the week for 45 to and 1 hr and 15 min of intense cardio and interval training. Instead of doing short spurts of cardio then recovery, it is flipped and you do long spurts of cardio, then a short recovery. It is a great program I would highly reccomend it. But if yo purchase it go to Ebay, because it is a lot cheaper.

  2. jqlee April 6, 2010 at 2:14 PM #

    That’s awesome. It’s so funny how Insanity is like the new P90X. Haha. What’s it going to be next? I always see the commercials for Insanity though and it looks like a good sweat for sure. Can’t wait to hear the final review and both of your results!

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