2 Days!

25 Mar


There is only 2 days left till Spring Break, and it is so hard to make it. We just got to keep thinking, it is only 7 Classes for TWO days. Then, were off to our week of relaxation, and a little work.  

Breakfast this morning used one of our fave Target Strawberry Cheesecake yogurts, to make Overnight Oats. 




 Paired alongside a Carmel Tea Latte. Just gotta love that Lipton tea! They really do have some yummy flavors, and you feel like you are drinking Coffee rather than tea. I mean who doesn’t like real chunks of Carmel in their tea? 


 Some Berries, Chia Seeds, Granola, silvered almonds, and a Dallop of Greek Yogurt were topped! 




 And Brought for a snack today is a Nature Valley Bar. Need to restock on some Luna ASAP! They are onsale at Sprouts this week. 


 And channeling our inner kids, we naturally packed a PB&J today with some cinnamon apples. In honor of Easter, a reeses egg was also thrown in. 


In health news today, the Skin Cancer Foundation wants tanning beds to be manufactured and labeled in such a way that the public is better educated about their danger. 

Personally, we think this is a great idea, because tanning beds are extremely dangerous devices. Alot of people are misinformed about the dangers of them, especially young people, who don’t want to be pasty as soon as the shorts come out. There is a safer alternative thought such as mistic tans, or Jergens Skin Glowing Lotion.  

QOD: Have you ever been to a tanning bed, to achieve your tanness? 

Well school is calling, TTYS! 

XOXO Court and Whit♥ 

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