It all started with a bagel…3/22

22 Mar


 Well this morning Whit and I woke up giddy and chipper because this is our last week until Spring break and it is an “A” WEEK!!!! Since we are starting month two of Insanity today, which day 1 is Fit Test & Max Interval Circuit, then we decided we needed an energy powered breakfast. So we decided on Power Bagels from nothing other than the wonderful Einstein Bros. compliments to us for bringing them home yesterday 🙂 We topped them with Skippy Natural Crunch PB, then heated it up in the microwave for about 15 seconds. It was so soft, creamy, crunchy, and good until….

 I started choking. Then we had a problem. I do not even know how it happened. One second Whit and I were discussing something funny that happened at work yesterday and the next second I started choking, coughing, eyes watering, you name it. It was not pretty lol. I even closed my eyes and when I opened them Whit had already jumped out of her seat and ran over to me. Thank god I was able to get control of myself before anything serious happened =) Also I am sure glad that did not happen in a public place, that could have been pretty embarassing.

My lesson was learned: CAUTION- never talk with food in your mouth!  

Alongside our bagels, we spit a pink lady!

Well overall, the morning flew by and I am already home from school. Whit made our lunch while I updated which the lunch post will be up later. Will time to go eat.

❤ Peace out 😛


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