Saturday… and its fridgid! 3/20

21 Mar

Man, waking up to frigid cold temps, and blowing snow is so not cool! Right when we got out of bed, you could just feel the draft of cold air in the house. To warm us up, breakfast was the trio-Pancake special. Using the Honey whole wheat just add water mix, we made a blueberry turbinado oat pancake, a PB walnut reeses one, and a creamy coconut one.

Served alongside a green tea latte.

We were about 15 minutes late to work this morning, because we stopped to get Dr.Scholes shoe inserts, and pick up New Moon. lol R u gelling? Cuz were jellin like melon. Our work shoes majorly suck and kill your feet, to stand on them for 9 hours. By the end of the day they feel broken. But with these inserts man, there is no going back. They give so much cushion and support.

Lunch was simply leftover chile verde poured over a salad, an orange, and some PB filled pretzels

Court is liken her lunch, and a break=) Her shirt says “Donuts Shmonuts Eat a bagel.”

While we waited for our dad to come pick us up, we sat on the curb outside of Einstein’s, and split this Cliff bar.

Then, on the way home we picked up the mail, and got a new magazine. This baby was read while having a small chai tea, and PB graham cracker sandwich.

About and hour and a half later, we met up for Dinner at 6:45 with all of the family at Olive Garden, to celebrate Karstee and Travis’s B-day’s. It was a fun get together, and Court and I both ordered Gnocchi Soup. When we got home we did cake and ice-cream, then all watched New Moon by the fire. The movie got over at like 11:30, so we hurried to bed since we had to get up in only a few hours.

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