What a Thursday!

12 Mar

Breakfast: Nature Path Red Berry waffles topped with greek yogurt and PB alongside Carmel tea
These babies were on sale for a $1 at the Sprouts grand opening=)
Today was an early day, so as soon as we got out we headed home and changed for work. Lunch was eaten in the car on our 20 min drive. It included an egg white spinach wrap and Pears w/ almond butter.
Ready for work lol=) We have a decked out Tinkerbell mobile.
On the way home for an afternoon snack, Court and I split this cliff bar, and each had a soy chai tea from work.
When we got home, we did our Cardio Plyometric Workout, then ate dinner.
Dinner was Chicken veggie salad, and Split pea soup.
Around 8PM, the door bell rang, and Courtney and I both got a poster like this, from these girls that go to our school. They want us to join their church, so for the past couple of months we have been recieving gifts like this. My dad ate the Snickers for “Don’t Snicker” I really can not wait till tomorrow cuz guess what it will be? FRIDAY!!!
XOXO Whit and Court XOXO

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