Fri 2/26- Fri 3/5

7 Mar

Will Spring Break ever come….?
Ok so here is another flash back to yet another busy week of good eats. Also this was our third week of Insanity. I can most definitely feel my stamina increasing everyday, I LOVE IT!
Friday began with a Strawberry Cheescake Baked Oatmeal. We use the same recipe from our raspberry cheescake bake oatmeal, but instead opted for strawberries. I think I like this one even better. This is an oatmeal definitely worth saving for Fridays, it could even work well for dessert too : P
We ended up coming home early from school because Whit and I both had a cold. So we made baninis for lunch. To go alongside our sandwiches we the new Blueberry True Delights and a clementine
Yum! I love warm peanut butter. This was the white chocolate wonderful pb. My fave!
We also went to the Grand Opening of Sprout’s this day and then came home and baked! This is Whit and my favorite Friday Festivity. We ended up making some healthy dried fruit muffins.
By the time 3pm rolled around we were starving and we needed something to fuel us for our Insanity workout, so we had True Delights new Rasberry Mocha Bars. I first saw these on Live, Laugh, Eat’s page and I just knew we had to try them! They literally taste like little mochas. Today’s insanity workout is Cardio Power and Resistance.  
And of course a vanilla caramel truffle tea latte was a must. 
Friday was our sister Ashley’s turn to make dinner, so she made some yummy egg whites with basil chicken. Whit and I decided top put ours in a whole wheat tortilla alongside some asparagus.
And of course we can never bake without testing our food, so we had one our muffins for dessert 🙂
This was an early morning as we had to wake up at 5 am yet again. Every since I quit Chick-fil-a it had been really hard to get used to never having a day to sleep in! Breakfast was truffle tea lattes and a
Chocolate Green Monster.
On top was a handful of our homemade pumpkin Granola.
Lunch was a Tuna Salad. Last night we microwaved some laughing cow cheese wedges with plain yogurt. They we mixed paprika and cayene pepper into it and combined it with some tuna. To give it that extra crunch we chopped up some carrots, white onions and pickles. It was so good, I could not even tell the difference without the mayo.
When we got home from work it was snack time! We mixed together yoplaits new Honey Greek Yogurt with one of our dried fruit muffins, and chopped pears. This was the perfect snack to prepare us for our Insanity workout. Today’s was our longest day yet. It is day 10 which means we have pure cardio and CARDIO ABS for the 1st time. That means our workout is an hour.
When we were done with our workout we took about a two hour nap, and then had tuscan chicken flatbread digiorno pizza with salad for dinner. I love some good ol’ carbs after a literally insane workout!
Tonights dessert was a sweet inspired oats. It consisted of:
  • 1/4 cup of oats
  • 2 crumbled thin mints + half of a graham cracker
  • a scoop of marshmallow fluff
  • a scoop of samoa ice cream
  • splash of almond milk/ water
Who knew oatmeal could make such a good, not to mention heart healthy dessert. I will definitely be creating some more dessert oats in the future. 
Sunday~ 4 days of breakfast posts:
Day 2 of work…. had to work 8 am- 3pm today. Breakfast this morning was some whole grain nutri grain eggos.
Monday~ Day 2
Breakfast this morning was honey almond flax kashi go lean with almond milk and a mini cinnimon sugar bagel. That is right our work now has mini bagels, hooray. They make the perfect sides and snacks. I love them we sell asiago, potatoe, and cinnamon sugar at work. I wish they would make mini bagels of every flavor haha.  
We spread almond butter/ pumpkin butter on one half and honey almond on the other.
Look at the pool of bananas, just the way cereal should look 🙂
Tuesday~ Day 3
This morning was another repeat of last weeks blueberry overnight oats.

Wednesday~ Day 4- Late day
Breakfast was a microwaved spinach egg white on an english muffin with turkey and tomatoe.
The egg white really puffs out in the microwave as you can see…lol.
I decided to take a pic of whit’s egg too because her’s was much prettier. 
Lunch was a packed fruit salad and the new crystal light fitness water. It was a delish combo.
Gosh this week has just been a week of trying new food products. So today we tried also tryed the new Cinnamon goldfish on the side of our salad.
For snack during third period we packed a cherry dark chocolate kashi. I love these little guys!
Todays Insanity workout was Cardio Recovery which was mucho needed.
For dinner we whipped up a mock Ancho Wedge like the one at einsteins. 
Dessert was a cookies n’ cream skinny cow.
The best ever!
Hooray for Friday. It began with a Raspberry Truffle Mocha…
And a repeat of the waffle we had Monday. They were just too darn good.
If you top your waffles with greek yogurt and then heat it up in the microwave, it hardens like icing. It is divine : P
Almond butter and pumpkin butter
Today was a short day so we decided to hit up the gym for a good weight lifting session, but we also ended up running a mile. Then when we got home we also completed the Cardio and Resistance video. I know we are insane right! lol
Lunch was so sweet. Definitely a repeater…
We had a raspberry preserve/ turkey sandwich thin alongside some peanut butter pretzels and apple sauce.
Well who knows when the next post will be, third quarter of school is crunch time, but hopefully soon.
❤ Court and Whit

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