The long week of eats! Sat 2/20- Thurs 2/25

6 Mar

Hey everyone, sorry we have not been posting consistintly, but here is a look back at our week….
Saturday- We had just about the best bowl of overnight oats I have ever had. I devoured this bowl. It consisted of an archer farm blueberry yogurt from target, oats, banana, sliced almonds, and a dash of cinnamon. It texture was just perfect, so chewy. This time we put the banana in at night, and it turned out even better.  
Lunch was a jumbo salad that was chuck full of veggies, with a small cup of chicken noodle, and a peice of leftover maple corn bread
Karst made us Lasagna rolls for dinner, and dessert was some Strawberry shortcake
Sunday- Cinnamony Strawberry oats, topped with Almond butter, and a green tea latte on the side
Dinner- Dad made dinner tonight, and made some Chinese spicy soup and we had cheddar bagels on the side
Topped with smart balance, sea salt and a tomatoe slice
Week 2 of INSANITY
Week 1 was truely the title, it was insane! But in week two, it is crazy how much our stamina has already increased. Afterwards the endorphines are flowing, and you are all hyped up like you just ate chocolate. lol if you know what i mean?
Monday-Kashi Cereal, and a Green Tea Latte
Pictured: An afternoon snack of a microwaved oatmeal raisin cookie topped with almond butter, alongside a peppermint chai tea
Chocolate cherrios, bananas,and blue berries
Shrimp tacos, pasta salad, and pineapple
Tonight was truely a baking catrastivy! We experimented and finally made some delicious homemade Pumpkin granola YUM-O! So of course we wanted to try it out, so we sprinkled it over some banana cream yogurt. And a scoop of our also homemade pumpkin butter.
This yogurt is from Target, it has low sugar,and they have so many good flavors=)
Pumkiny oats, with a pumpkin spice LATTE.
Lunch: Tofu onion salad and a fruit yogurt parfait
This dinner was an all american heathy homemade “Fast Food.” It included the grilled chicken morning star burger on a sandwich thin, alexia baked fries, pasta salad and a pickle.
Break:Cinnamon Sugar bagel, small bowl of kashi go lean, and Carmel Truffle tea
Lunch: Philly Sub lean pocket, with apples topped w/ AB, Pumpkin, and cinnamon
In honor or Girl Scout season, we picked this bad boy up at the grocery store today, and just had to dig right on in

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