Wednesday Febuary 17th

17 Feb

Long time no talk guys. So this past weekend was a four day weekend for us, meaning Monday and Tuesday, we finally got to sleep in after two in a half weeks. OMG, it felt amazing, like we went to a spa and came back. And to make this week even  better we only have one long day of school. And also in new news Court and I started INSANITY. If you have not seen the infomercial, then go to It seriously is insane. PURE CARDIO!!! I never sweat, and I was cherry red with beets of sweat just falling off of me. Just after the warm-up I could smell the sweat.
So this morning was a Collabrative day, so we slept in till 5:30, got up and ate overnight strawberry Cheesecake oats, with a pumpkin spice Latte. When we got out of school at 11, we stopped by the gym for some good ol’ weight lifting, then came home for lunch.
Todays Lunch:
Tofurkey Wrap
  • 1 Flatout
  • 2 slices of Tofurkey
  • Hummus
  • Spinach
  • Tomatoes
  • Onions
  • Bell Pepers
  • PepperJack Cheese
  • Rice Mozzerella Cheese
On the side was a nuked cinnamon agave pear with some Honey greek yogurt to dip.
It was a yummy lunch indeed, and we enjoyed it by the fire, like a little picnic.
Now, we wait for our tummies to settle, then it is Day 3 of INSANITY. Today is Cardio Power and Resistance. “Dig DEEPER!”
XOXO- Whit and Court

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