Sunday 1-24-10

27 Jan

Work is not until 8 today, so we got to sleep in 1 extra hour, and believe me every extra minute of sleep is great! This mornings bowl of oats was a SB inspired oats. It was creamy with mashed banana, and some amber agave, dried fruit, brown sugar, and granola.
And to pair some Gingerbread tea
Lunch was pretty special, because it was just too good =) We made a microwaved egg white mixture with lots of fresh spinach, onions, garlic, and bell peppers, then turned it into a mcmuffin with tofurkey, tomato, and rice mozzerella. Then, on the side one of our new found favs, Pink lady apples(taste like jollyranchers), with cinnamon raisin PB drizzled over the top
Dinner was a very simple PB, Banana, Pumpkin, Honey Quesadilla, with a dried fruit almond salad, that was drizzled with Annies Rasberry Vinagarette.
Dessert: Two scoops Girl Scout Cookie Tag Alongs ice cream, and one of fat free chocolate vanilla frozen yogurt swirl.

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