Sunday 1-16-10

21 Jan

The alarm went off at 5 AM, and it was that time to get up early again for about the 12th day in a row. Court and I were super tired, but we whipped together this Apple Cinnamony bowl of oats. Work was long, and all of the customers seemed to be short tempered today.
But when we got off at 1PM, we made asiago paninis and a sugar cookie to bring home for lunch. It was a pretty hot day, so the whole ride home we rolled down the window, blared miley, and sipped some Lemonade. =)
Tonight was Karstee’s night to cook, so she made some crockpot Chicken Adobo, it was DELISH!
After dinner, Court, Karst, and I did the P90X core synergistics. It was intense, but we felt awesome afterwards. Then, it was shower time and a 90210 marathon. Tomorrow is MLK day so no school,yay! But work BOO! I guess more money, so boo and yay. lol

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