Catch up from Jan 19-21 2010

21 Jan

Semi-Vegan Week
This week was a good break from meat, and allowed Court and I to spread our eating horizons, you know take a chance and try something new. lol So a few things we tried this week were Banana soft serve(OMG divine, how did I never know about this?!~) Tofurkey Wrap with rice mozerella cheese and Hummus, a tofu scramble, earth balance, Vegan Pumpkin bread, Sweet poataoe blackbean chili, vegan cornbread, green superfood smoothie, Luna chai tea, Nutridel Almond.
Our banana softserve was blended with maple syrup, honey greek yogurt, and almond butter. Then, topped with cinnamon, carob chips, pecans, and granola. The BEST!!!
Pictured: A snack of 100 cal. kettle corn, covered with Cinnamon
Tofurkey wrap and a pink lady apple. These apples are so freakin good, they remind me of candy like a jolly rancher
Covered with cinnamon PB and Gingerbread butter
Cheerios, Kashi Puffs, and Fiber one with a nuked apple, cinnamon, almond milk, and cinnamon PB.
Tofu Scramble, topped with salsa. Multi grain english muffin w/ earthbalance, and a clem.
A new cookbook, and the Chili we made:
This pumpkin bread was a delicious recipe out of Alicia Silverstones cookbook “The Kind diet” very good, probably the best I have ever had.
Also, this week we tried Mochi Cinnamon Raison waffles topped with organic rice syrup, another recipe out of Alicia’s book, and I think I may love these waffles more than regular ones. So all in all I would have to say Vegan food does have good recipes.
Here is Court right before she is headed off to her 4-9 shift tonight, she is wondering “is this my last night?” hmm… who knows? She turned in her two weeks finally, and is hoping to leave the old Chick-fil-a any day now. I guess that “My Pleasure” crap gets old real fast. If you have been into Chick-fil-a, then you definatly know what I am talking about.
Until next time Fellow Bloggies
xoxo Whit and Court ♥

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