Friday 1-15-10

19 Jan

~Jamba Inspired~
This morning was the first time we ever tried an amazing meal pkt. And what did we decide to do with it? Make a Jamba Juice inspired smoothie in a cup topped with granola and cereal of course alongside some peppermint tea. The whole combo together kinda tasted like thin mint girl scout cookies.
In the GREEN Smoothie:
-1 amazing meal pkt
-1 extremly ripe banana
-Splash of almond breeze
-About 1/2 cup of Honey greek yogurt
-Wheat germ
-BIG handful of carob chips
-6 Almonds
*Blend up, serves two!
Lunch was “healthy” meatless fast food. A Spicy boca burger with some garlicy sweet potato fries.
Served on a sandwich thin with guac, hummus. tomatoe, onions, lettuce.
For an afternoon snack we split a heated up Luna Peanut Butter Cookie bar
When Karst go home at like 5:30, we went and picked up Chinese and Watched 90210, YAy!
Dessert was divine, Strawberry froyo with a nutella dipped graham cracker, peacans, and granola!

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