15 Jan

This morning was Court’s orientation at Einstiens, and for the first time I got to sleep in because I had the day off to study for Finals. By the time I woke up, Court was home, and we ate egg whites and toast, and a peppermint mocha.
Airins were ran all day, including working out, grocery shopping, and trying our first Chipotle Vegitarian bowl ever. It was so good but next time no Guac. As of today for the next week we are going to be vegitarian. I just want to see how it goes. We have been reading the Kind diet book, and learing alot about the toxins we are putting in our bodies, not good. No bueno
Dinner was more like a breakfast, -A parfait, with a Luna Peppermint Stick Bar. And now we gotta start studying for Finals

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