Sunday 1/3/09

5 Jan

She’s About to be a Working Lady
I am reallt pissed this morning I checked my bank account and Chick-Fila still has not paid me!!! Courtney is not a happy girl = (
However, this mornings glorious breakfast was nothing other than a double chocolate chip muffin from Einstien’s crumbled over a nice warm bowl of oats.
After eating lunch, I headed over to visit Whit at work, and wouldn’t you know they are hiring. I sat down filled out an application, and talked with her boss. It was great I pretty much got the job on the spot. So now instead of making $7.50 and hour I will be making the big $8.00 like whit now. YAYAYAYAY! I have orientation on Saturday and still have to go by my Khakis.
Granny Smith Apple topped with pumkin puree, peanut butter, and cinnamon, you gotta try it!!!
By the this is so my new favorite bar. I felt like I was eating actual carrot cake without the frosting, who does not love that. Two thumbs up BABY mmmm…
Whit was so nice to bring us home Turkey Chili, and Garlic and herb cheesy pizza bagel on an asiago bagel
Topped with Kashi Asiago Crackers. The best 😉

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