Saturday 1/2/10

5 Jan

Start of New Year…

Good morning! I had a healthy start to my year by making a bowl of fiber right brown sugar cinnamon instant oats. I sprinkled some blueberries and chopped brazilian nuts. I have not had berries in my oats since summer. It was sooo good. I also had a cup of peach detox yogi tea. If you are looking to keep flat abs berries, tea and nuts are definitly the way to go.

Product Review: The people at Oh! Nuts were nice enough to sent Whit and I some free samples in December. These were the Brazilian nuts that we put in our oats. This was my first time trying Brazilian nuts. I liked them even more than almonds! They have a really great coconut taste. They were the perfect combo with blueberries in my oats 🙂 Thanks Oh! Nuts. I will definitley be trying some more of your products soon.
For lunch Whit packed and took a salad with peanut butter and pumpkin apples. I am meeting her at her work to apply. I hope I get the job! It would be so fun to work together.

Pumpkin + Peanut butter = BLISS 🙂
When Whit got off work we decided to go to Saturday night church. It was not as good as Sundays service, but it was still fun. I am glad I went. Afterwards we all went to Noodles & Co for dinner.
We split a plate of the Pasta Fresca. Yum!
Now we are off to watch 500 days of Summer.

Court & Whit

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