12/30/09 Wednesday

1 Jan

Apple Pie Please…
Todays breakfast featured some leftove apple pie filling placed in some pumkiny oats. Such a lovely creation! Along with that was a delish pumpkin spice latte, homemade of course=)
Today was the start of the construction in my room. For Christmas I got alot of peace stuff, so now the colors I am doing are green, black, and white. My comforter is a cute polka dot design. I am going to rearrange the furnature as well, and take my memory card to target to get some new pics for my frames.
Lunch was a nice green chile bagel from my work with some cream cheese, ham, and turkey. Alongside some stacey pita chips and 7 layer bean dip. Following this lunch was a solid hour of work on my room, some homework, then a nap. When I woke up, Court was getting ready for work, and my older sis karstee was telling me about this cool website http://www.thekindlife.com/. So now were both signed up. It is a great informational website about living a green healthy vegan lifesytle. From what I have ready out of the Kind Diet book, becoming a vegan seems very healthy for the body, compared to the stuff we are currently putting in our bodies with dairy and meat. Some of it is pretty GROSS!

Anyways so before Court left for work I made us an afternoon snack of a new sample from the folk of Nutridel, a pecan cookie with a glass of cinnamon spiced steam milk.

Review: ♥♥♥♥♥
These vegan all natural raw cookies get a 5 star rating in our book. They were fantastic. So healthy, tasty, and a really good milk dipper=)
I’m really liking this idea of trying to be somewhat Vegan for the new year. I’ve liked the vegan recipes I have tried so far, and I am not afraid to try some new ones. What do you guys think? Could you ever become a vegan?
XOXO ♥Court and Whit

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