31 Dec


This morning feels kind of funny because Whit has to work. I am so used to her working just Saturday and Sunday. The only times she ever has to work a week day is when she is on break. I do not have work until Wednesday from 5:30 pm-10:30. It is going to feel so weird because I have not been to work so long. Well anywho I think today I will get some homework done. Whit and I both have the same english teacher but at different periods. We are reading the book Fast Food Nation. The movie looks like it would be pretty good, but so far the book is kind of boring. It is just a bunch of statistics and it gives Colorado a really bad name.
For breakfast I enjoyed an english muffin. One with strawberry smear and the other with honey almond. Also a cup of pumpkin spice coffee, and a 1/3 cup of yogurt swirled with gingerbread butter. I needed to use up the rest of our mountain high yogurt before it went bad. It ended up complimenting this meal very well.
Yum! The Oroweat Double Fiber English muffins are my fave 🙂
Compliments to Whitney for bringing home the cream cheese.
The coffee turned our pretty frothy, just how I like it.
I love this stuff! Your can find it at Williams Sonoma I got it 50% because it was with all of the clearance x-mas stuff.
For lunch I made a panini on nature’s pride whole wheat bread and cut up some apples for the side. On the panini I put 
  • hummus

  • turkey

  • pepperjack cheese

  • cucumbers

Well I am off to go pick up Whit from work. Our car would not start this morning so our dad had to take her.
For dinner Whitney brought us home an italian panini. Two in one day =)
Well it is time to watch old school 90210
Court & Whit

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