Chrismas Eve/ Christmas 12/24-12-25

27 Dec

Christmas EVE morning began with heading to Courtney’s work Chick-fila for some free chicken minis, then to starbucks for a Tall Carmel Brulee Latte. Karstee had $8 left on her giftcard, so it was not too bad for all three of us. After that we had a few more things to pick up to pull off our Christmas Eve dinner. We stopped by Safeway, a wine place, and Walgreens.

After long hours of cooking and baking, we all got prettied up and ready for everyone to come over. The tables were set elegant for the occasion. The Crown pork roast Karstee decided to make was taking for ever to cook, so we were all sharing the parts that were cooked, because church was in about an hour and we wanted to get a good seat.

Me and Court checking on the last batch of Christmas cookies.
Everyone enjoyed the dinner, and we continued our England tradition of finding the pickle in the Christmas tree and opening the crackers that explode out toys and crowns. lol As you can see we all wore them. All of the adults drank mikes hard lemonade and wine, but court and I made ourselves cranberry alcohol less cocktails. (Cranberry juice, Gingerale, and limes … mmm mmm good!) After dinner we rushed to church for the Christmas Eve service. Then, when we got back we enjoyed our Crumbly apple pie with vanilla ice cream and toffee nut coffee. When mom and dad went to bed all of us kids stayed up playing scategories, and watching “While you were Sleeping.” I absolutley love that movie.

_ Christmas _
Christmas morning was intersting, lol my mom came running down the stairs blaring here comes santa clause at 6:30 AM. Apparently she thought we were all snooping. lol, nope just snoring. We all then got up and opened presents. Courtney’s favorite present was her Juicy Couture Purse, mine was the SIMS3. For breakfast Christmas day we had eggs, ham, some english muffins with gingerbread butter on top, and peppermint mocha’s.

Later in the day Courtney and I put together our car with all of our new tinkerbell accessories. Now our car is decked out and has earned the new nickname of the “tinkmobile”! After a few hours of that we enjoyed this nice lunch:

Court & Whit

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