Mon-Wed 12/21-12/23

26 Dec

DAY 1: 12/21 Left for Breckenridge

Breakfast: A simple yogurt parfait with a banana and banana nut bread on top.

We all woke up pretty early this morning, to get any early start on the road. Plus it was supposed to snow but we did not end up leaving the house until 1pm. That is because Ashley lost her debit card and license and my dad found a big nail in his tire. So we tore apart the house till we finally found Ashley’s stuff in her coat pocket, while my dad took his car to Sams Club to get the tire fixed.

Finally once on the road, we made a quick stop to Wendy’s. Me and Whit both ordered large Chili’s and we split a turkey, hummus, cucumber, guac sandwich that we made at home.

When we arrived to Breckenridge, it was surprisingly warm and practically no snow. I swear the weather newscasters here can never predict the weather right. Well after we checked into our hotel then we decided to head into town to explore and shop!

This was a really unique chair that Whit liked right outside this cute little shop 🙂

All of the lights were so pretty, I love it at this time of the year!

Then it was time for dinner we headed to Frisco to this mexican restaurant. Once again me and Whit split a Ranchero chicken chimichanga. It was even better than the one from about a week ago.

DAY 2: 12/22- Snowmobiling day!

All geared up and ready to head out to snowmobile for the day!
All of us bundled up. We got to ride these puppies for two whole hours. It was a blast!

Such beautiful views from the top of the mountain.

While in Breck, I had I could not get enough of the hotels mocha/ hot cocoa machine. It was so cold and it kept me warm, plus it satisfied my sweet tooth. You can never get enough cocoa in December!

When we got back from snowmobiling we were all starving, so we bought some lunch meat and hoagie buns and headed back to the hotel to make hoagies. They were kind of gross though because the bread was dried out.

DAY 3: 12/23 Sad Departure
Today we left Breck, but before we left our parents had to go to a meeting so us girls went back into the town for one last time. We stopped at the cute little starbucks and all got Peppermint mochas. TIS THE SEASON!

Then we stopped by this cute little crepe stand and me and Whit split a strawberry and nutella crepe.

After a long drive home in the snow, we came home and eat lean pockets.

Then we went grocery shopping for our x-mas eve dinner. It was madness, everyone was out. The 23rd is definitley a busy shopping day 🙂
For dinner we had a brick oven Freschetta pizza.

Court & Whit

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