Birthday FUN! 12/18/09

21 Dec


Well our birthday morning started off pretty darn good with getting to sleep in and ditch school, yay break starts early every year for us! 🙂 Then me, whit, karst, and mom went to IHOP for breakfast. And yes it was the birthday girls request. It is so weird because Colorado’s weather has been unusually warm lately for being a week away from x-mas.

At IHOP I ordered the gingerbread pancakes

Yum! Look how pretty, the best pancakes I have ever had. I need to learn how to make these babies from scratch.

And Whit ordered the pumpkin pancakes of course, CLASSIC. We both shared each others. That is the great thing about being a twin.

And it would not be breakfast without coffee so we both ordered swiss mochas~

Then we went grocery shopping with mom. We are not really celebrating our b-day until next week when the whole family is going to Breckenridge. We are going to go snowmobiling for the first time which should be fun!
When we got back from shopping me and Whit decided it was time to go and use our free b-day coupons at Spicy Pickle….

We ordered Roma Paninis and sat and talked for a long time. It is the greatest thing being a twin because, we have been with each other since day one. So we had fun talking about all of our past birthdays and how we never thought we would get to be 17 or have jobs. I feel so old now haha.

After lunch, it was time to do some shopping! We went to target, tjmaxx, and Victoria Secret where we spent a gift card and got some really cute eyshadow.

When we got back from shopping we ate a piece of our homemade peppermint park and then rode around the neighborhood on our Cruisers for 20 minutes.


The whole family went over to Travis’s house where me and whit were both hiding our b-day presents to each other. It ended up that we both got each other the same exact present… CRUISER BIKES! This summer ELECTA bikes were all over the place so we got each other cheap look alikes, funny huh!

In shock. Look mom made us bake cookies to bring to Travis . It was all a lie just to get us to go over there.


For dinner we had moms amazing tuna casserole with potatoe chips on top

Then it was cake time….
A red velvet cake, with cake batter ice cream, and heath bar on top from my favorite place. COLD STONE.

Man today was so fun, but boy am I tired. We even made a gingerbread house before we went to bed.

For b-day we got:
-Tomtom gps
-puma running shoes
-houndstooth jacket/ colombia zip up
-engraved bibles
-victoria secret/ulta gift card

~*~Court & Whit~*~

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