Muffins and cupcakes

18 Dec

This week was alo of muffin oats, and yogurt muffin oats for breakfast. It is a great yummy way to use up your muffins and satisfy your craving.

Hummus, Guac, Turkey panini on sour dough bread, with chicken noodle and kashi crackers

Afterwards, a nice nap by the fire, so relaxing.

These bars are AMAZING!!!

Stuffing pork gravy salad and cinnamon apples

Long grain rice, veggies, turkey. and a clem

Brown sugar, banana, walnuts, honey oatmeal with peppermint mocha

Delicious Theo chocolate!

Tomorrow is our BIRTHDAY!!! YAY=) we are going to be 17! i can not believe it. We have gre up so much this year. lol Well turns out we got eachother the same present for our birthday without even realizing it. lol We both got eachother super cute cruiser bikes. (BIKE RIDE tomorrow baby, wohhoo) Tonight we made Christmas cookies and peppermint bark and brought them over to our brothers house. And now we are lounging on the couch by the fire, drinking some hot cocco, eating a gingerbread cookie, and watching Santa Clause 1. I love this movie. Tomorrow will be so fun. We are ditching school, going to Ihop for breakfast, then shopping and just a straight up fun day, can’t wait. B-days are great! OKIE DOKIE TTFN


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