Black Friday

1 Dec


This morning was a very early awakening. Half of the family was up by 4 o’ clock AM to shop and the other half was up to work it. Luckily I asked for this day off early so Whit, our sister Ashley, and our dad all left to shop. I just literally woke up this morning freezing, bundled up, made some famous Peppermint hot cocoa coffee and was out of the house in 10 minutes tops. That is what you call serious dedication! haha

The first stop on the agenda was Sports Authority. They were giving away 100 gift cards to the first shoppers ranging anywhere from $10-$200.

Even with our early arrival, there was a line all the way around the store to get in. We were much too late for the gift cards. So our next stop was JCPenney’s where we picked up free snow globes. We get one every year!

The only person actually searching for something today was my dad. He was looking for a TV while the rest of us were just along fro the ride and to laugh at the ridiculous people that take the shopping too seriously on this day.

The first place we looked at TV’s and got free breakfast at was Sams Club. I inhaled a banana nut muffin. All of that running around from place to place and pushing through the crowds really makes you hungry.

Our free breakfast was a simple Otis Spunkmeyer Banana Nut Muffin, my favorite 🙂

There was no luck with TV’s there, but we did score two $50 GPS’s
Next we hit up good ol’ Wally World and scored the best game in the whole world:
The SIMS 3
Also while we were there, I looked at all of the Miley Cyrus and Max Azria line. They have really cute stuff but then I had to come to the realization that I was not shopping for myself but for others x-mas gifts… haha.
Then we were back on the search for a TV again. Best Buy was the next stop and wouldn’t you know the saleman talked my dad into buying a new plasma. Also we got new phones because our plan was up this month. I got the At&t VU and Whit got the neon. They are so bomb!
Since our dad was taking so long to look at TV’s, me and whit decided to head to Nordstrom Rack across the street. Of course I got caught up in looking for stuff for me again, but was amazed by all of the great deals. There was this really cute grey Juicy Couture Velour track suit that I almost bought for Whit for our B-day, but I decided I could probably find a better deal online.
Finally we arrived back home around 11:00 and we hadn’t eating anything since 4 so Whit and I fixed ourselves a snack: We shared a pumpkin butter and peanut butter english muffin with a banana. So filling and satisfying 🙂

Then around 1:30 it was time for lunch and being lazy by the fire.
Lunch consisted of…. Yup you guessed it leftovers. Isn’t that the best part of Thanksgiving, the fact that you get to eat yummy food for about a week. We had stuffing, a but roll, turkey, and some sweet potates.

By 5 o’ clock PM we were back shopping yet again. This time we went to Costco so that my dad could compare the prices of TV’s. And guess what he does not think he got a good deal at Best Buy so we are returning it. Before we left we had to get a churro because it is tradition in my family lol.

When we finally returned home for good, we some more different leftovers for dinner: mashed potates, fruit pumpkin pie.

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